New Name, Same Faces

2015 was an amazing year for bon évé! We took over the bridal expo, were booked to capacity for weddings, welcomed 2 new babies into our company, and collaborated with a lot of great vendors.

Most people would say, “great keep doing what you’re doing and don’t change a thing.” While there’s a time & a place for that concept, we have a desire to do more. Mid 2015 it became clear that as our families grew, being gone every weekend was not healthy for our families and wasn’t going to work in the long term. We felt our creativity had also dwindled and we needed to focus on what we were truly passionate about moving forward.

We’ve always been selective in our clientele and capped our events to ensure that we are giving each client and event the time and focus it needs. It’s never easy turning away a potential client or saying no when we are all very much the first to say yes. We know going into 2016 that our families need to be the priority #1 and focus on our true passions.

For 2016, we will be limiting our full service planning packages to 2 couples for the calendar year and we will be taking day of coordination services only on a case by case basis. Why? This is an involved answer so pull up a cup of coffee or tea and hang with us for a bit.

1. Weddings are wonderful, joyous occasions and we LOVE being apart of a couples’ story but they are a lot of work. Work that keeps us away many hours from our husbands and children so taking 5 full weddings in a year (like 2015) was cause for burn out. We love our past clients. You were AWESOME! But we need to step back in 2016 & refill our creative tanks to be the best planners we can be.

2. We have varied backgrounds and interests. Jeri’s background is in non profit event management and fundraising. She loves it! I mean it’s a bit odd how she looks forward to one of the hardest conversations: asking people for money but the organizations she’s worked with are grateful for her passion for their causes. Erin’s background is in corporate event management. She’s the lady you need for training needs, luncheons or team building. Ally our resident baker & go to idea lady can fill the gaps when we just can’t see other side. Invaluable! Knowing we have these different talents we want to open the business to incorporate and match what makes us so unique.

3. Vendors! We’ve connected and worked with some FABULOUS small biz owners. The expo has been a huge blessing. It’s shown us that we love to mentor other small business owners by helping them brand, focus and market what makes them the best. It also has given us the opportunity to really create and collaborate with vendors. This creativity is what has helped fuel this change.

So what’s the change and why is it unique? There are 2 changes.

1. Our new name is My Simple Soirée

2. We will be focusing on creative and taking on a new side of event planning.

First the name. We wanted to rebrand the company and have it be reflective of the direction we are taking moving forward. My Simple Soirée will encompass full event planning & styling services along with an online DIY party store. Soirée Boxes will be available for any celebration you’re planning. A collection of hand selected items to make your soirée one to remember. Your Soirée Box will be delivered to your home and all you need to do is set up your special celebration. We will include detail cards to help make keep your soirée simple and focused on the people that make your life special.

Second the creative. By providing Soirée Boxes, taking on fundraisers, non-profits and corporate events and focusing on vendor relations we are getting back to the core of WHY we started this company nearly 4 years ago. 2016 will have opportunities for vendors to connect with one another, to help us connect them with clients and collaborate with one another. We’ve been watching the industry for 3.5 years. We see the gaps, we see the struggles and we want to help facilitate a solution.

Thank you for reading this small book. We know that 2016 will present challenges we haven’t foreseen but we are so excited about the possibilities that lay ahead.

17 thoughts on “New Name, Same Faces

  1. Breearies says:

    Hello!! I would just like to say that I really love your new blog!! You’ve got captivating and wonderful content!! It actually gave me an idea to write on my new blog!! (by reblogging!! Hahahaha!!) I like your story and work too. Nice blog and company!! Am glad WordPress introduced you guys to me!! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. Ron Haines says:

    One small mistake in this sentence in paragraph 11: “Boxes will be available for any celebration your planning”. Should be you’re instead of your. Sorry, but these things just jump out at me when I read and if I think the presentation is marred by them and the writer might benefit, vs react badly too, my input, I just have to say something. Many regards. Good work.

    Liked by 1 person

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