Perfection Perception 

Hospitality not Perfection

Remember when we use to invite people over for dinner and didn’t spend a full work on Pinterest figuring out the perfect napkin fold, best crock pot recipe or origami place card bird? Loaded question I know and offender right here!
Don’t get me wrong I love Pinterest. My three thousand pins speak for themselves. But I think our idea of hospitality has been altered dramatically by this inspiration site. It’s become a standard of perfection that we won’t achieve. Let me blow your mind a little. The majority of those pins are staged! They don’t have little people running around, strict budgets, amateur cook/baker(s) or just an iPhone & non professional for a photographer.
Now I’m not saying I don’t love a beautiful table, a good theme and delicious food because I do. A LOT! But what I’m saying is our expectations are out of whack. Our guest are coming to celebrate with us, support us and be there with US not our centerpiece. This has been a hard lesson for me to learn too and I’m still a work in progress. It’s easy to get swept up the perception of perfection, but it’s dangerous. When we place the value on perfection, we loose the whole point of hospitality. Perfection becomes the priority not the people.
So what does this look like in real life?

1. Know your strengths and weaknesses. I love to cook and style/decorate. However, I am not a professional baker , graphic designer or photographer. When I host a party or gathering, I’ve learned to see the areas that stress me out and delegate, live with or, if the budget allows, hire out help.

2. Budget and stick to it! This is the best way to not get swept up in the perfection perception. When you know you only have set amount available to spend on each area it makes you make smart decisions.

3. Think if I was a guest at this event what would make me feel special. It could be as simple as serving your guest favorite cocktail, wine or personalizing favors. Or even just making 15 uninterrupted minutes of time to focus on just each guest.

4. Know you are your biggest critic. Most people are more than thrilled to not have to cook, clean up, get out of the house away from their kiddos, etc. Your expectations are mountain peaks, your guests are hilltops.

Rally against perfection! Follow us as we take back hospitality and embrace the imperfect on My Simple Soirée.

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