Don’t be “that friend”

I grew up going to a pretty small private school and my principal made some “interesting” curriculum choices. One such choice was using a textbook for our Health class titled “Health, Safety & Manners.”

Health? Of course. Safety? Understandable. But to teach manners? Fourth-grade Allyssa thought it was absolutely silly because, “Everybody already knows this stuff, Mom!”


Naivety sure is cute.The older I get *ahem, still AM getting* the more I am realizing many things that are seemingly simple to some are foreign concepts to others- proper etiquette is no different!

Our goal with our business is to give you the tools to create a memorable gathering- from weddings to birthday parties, we want every event to be special! But nothing spoils an event quicker than someone who, knowingly or not, doesn’t follow basic event etiquette! Here are some tips to ensure you’re not “that friend.”

  1. RSVP- On time, EVERY time
  2. Offer to Bring Something
  3. Thank-You Cards
  4. Stay OFF the cell phone!

RSVP- On time, EVERY Time: We will address wedding etiquette in a separate post, but this applies to all gatherings! We all respect the need to double check your calendar or make sure you can get a babysitter before committing to being somewhere… But seriously folks, RSVP. Nothing stresses out a Type A hostess than finding out she’s having four extra people for dinner last minute.

Offer to Bring Something: Each and every time I was invited to a friends house for dinner, my mom encouraged (i.e. Required) me to ask what I should bring. The majority of the time the answer is nothing. But asking does two things. First, it shows your host that you realize that hosting takes work- not a TON of work, but there are no dinner elves who prepare food for us while we sleep. And second, it opens up the door for you to become a part of the event. The more you participate and share in the experience, the more that event may mean to you.

Thank- you Cards: Write them. Send them. Seriously. I’m sure you said thank-you in person when receiving the gift but taking two minutes to show an extra sign of gratitude goes a long way! There technically is a proper format for thank-you cards to follow, but any card is better than no card.

Cell-Phones: Admittedly I think I struggle the most with this one! But nothing is more frustrating than when you want to have some quality time with friends or family and their face is buried in their phone. I like to think that I can multi-task but really it means that NO one gets 100% of my attention. As a new mom, it’s a big deal for me to get out of yoga pants and put lip gloss on – especially on the same day!! If I’m hanging out with you it’s because I truly want to spend time with YOU, not just 50% of you. Take a few minutes to silence it- maybe keep it in your purse the whole night! Don’t worry, Facebook will still be there when you get back- your time with your friends and family may not.


4 thoughts on “Don’t be “that friend”

  1. oludamiloladeji says:

    Reblogged this on oludamiloladeji and commented:
    As a Nigerian, living in Lagos; the busiest hub of the country, I and a lot of my friends is guilty of not checking with the host to accept or come to their party with a company. It will be nice to enjoy partying this year with a courtesy of RSVP to attend our invitations.

    RSVP is simple a french courtesy word to let your host/ ess know you acknowledge the invitation and you either decline or accept.


    It will help the host plan accurately for the Menu, space, security…Most cases is menu is in adequate or too much or overwhelmed caterer, guest and disorganised party (wedding are major example) because you could only make a guess of those attending


    • oludamiloladeji says:

      This is really want I needed to ve written a long time ago over my worries of how a well thought of plans of party go bad. Thank you for writing on it. I have re blog to reach my friends. Thank you.


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