Pinterest Perfect

Pinterest. The popular, picture perfect site where all your house, body, and cooking dreams are stored. Your future wedding, even though you aren’t currently dating anyone, is all planned out. Your perfect nursery, even though kids are years away, is ready to go (guilty!). It can be the bain of your existence, or your best friend. Is there a right way and a wrong way to use it? I think so, and here is why! 
Right way: Pin pictures for inspiration! Where else is there a single place to go and be able to save every recipe, paint color, and workout that you’d love to try one day? Pinterest is great for getting your creative gears spinning, and providing you with new ideas that you probably wouldn’t have otherwise thought of. I’ve tried some great recipes that are my husband’s and my favorite ones. I have been able to create some pretty cool crafts, which hopefully I can share in another post. I haven’t quite got to the workouts yet, maybe this year 😉 Share your ideas with others too! What did you like about your pinned recipe, what didn’t you like? Most importantly, have fun dreaming and creating while using Pinterest! I am so thankful to have a one stop shop for some of the best ideas on the internet.

Wrong way: Pin pictures and expect your house/wedding/body to look exactly like the pictures. I’m here to tell you a secret. Many of the “weddings” seen on Pinterest are actually styled shoots, where vendors get together and create the perfect photos. This means they can plan on perfect weather, the couple are models, and they didn’t pay a dime for what would cost a normal couple thousands of dollars. Vendors donate their services to be able to have a creative collaboration with other vendors. This is great for vendors to get their names out and build their portfolio. Just don’t ever compare yourself to the pictures you see on Pinterest. Do your best with a craft or recipe, and hopefully you will love how it turns out! Sometimes I get discouraged when a recipe doesn’t work out, but I have to remember that I’m also not the chef behind the pinned recipe, and I can only get better for the next time.

Don’t let social media control how you live your life! It doesn’t matter how many times your pin was “repinned” or “liked”, what matters is who you were able to spend time with while creating that pin and making new memories.

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