Your Best Friend: The Budget

Planning a wedding or large event has many moving parts but none of them move without money. It’s the part of the planning process that everyone dreads: the budget. 
Budgets are not the enemy. In fact, they are a great way to spark creativity and help prioritize your must haves. 

Don’t fall into the common budget buster pitfalls:

  • A case of unrealistic expectations of service & cost. Or, one simply underestimating the cost of services on the want list. 
  • Not being prepared for all the extra expenses that are needed. 

Talking to a client about money and how far or, in many cases, how quickly that hard earned money goes is not my favorite part of the process, but one I have to approach comprehensively. 

Why? Well many people are disillusioned about the cost of quality professional services. Aunt Milly may be the family baker but feeding 300 people a cake like the decorated one on your Pinterest Vision board is costly. The same goes with florals, decor, food, photography and all those miscellaneous aspects of an event that clients without planners don’t anticipate. Professional services come at a cost and they are worth properly budgeting for.

Here are 3 steps to help you begin.

  • Get a firm budget amount. Meaning If you have others(parents/grandparents) contributing, then know the exact dollar amount that they can contribute. Don’t bank on the fact that they’ll pay whatever the cost is because “they just they want me to be happy.” Believe me, everyone has a dollar amount limit – unless you’re Hollywood royalty ;-). 
  • Prioritize! What tells your story? What people remember are the items that made it personal not everything being Pinterest Perfect (read our thoughts on Pinterest here or here). This is where you should spend your money first and use the remaining money on the less important things.
  • Remember to include an incidental category. The areas people usually don’t remember are tipping vendors, invitation postage, event insurance, taxes and delivery fees. 

This week we will be posting about how to tell your story within your budget and what that means. If you’re beginning the planning process and want a consultation to go over your budget or recommendations on vendors that fit within your budget, please contact us! We have openings starting in February to assist in your planning needs. 


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