To DIY or Not?

This week has been all about budgets. Today we are going to cover what to DIY and what not to. 
Here are a few areas we encourage our clients to DIY:

•Favors. You can incorporate your bridal party, parents and in-laws to help. Just keep it simple and keep it personal. Maybe a magnet of the couple that says, “Thank you!” VistaPrint, Mint and Mpix are all sites to pop your picture in a pre-made template. Think of your theme and incorporate something easy into the table decor. 
•Invites. Etsy, Wedding Chicks and Mint make it easy. Find a friend with good handwriting and you can save yourself a few extra dollars by addressing them yourself.
•Buying your own linens. If you have 20 or less tables this maybe the way to go. On average rental companies charge $16.50 per table cloth. If you have colors that are on trend and not specially runners or materials it can be dramatically cheaper to purchase from wholesale linen websites. Plus, you can resell these items after the event and recoup some cost. 
•Set up and Tear down. You always have family and friends that want to help. Could they commit to setting up tables and chairs or tearing down at the end of the event? If so, many times this can save you a few hundred dollars.  
What NOT to DIY:

•Food or Cake. Many venues have strict policies about licensed caterers and bakers or an approved list you must choose from. They do this for your safety & benefit and theirs. Professionals know how to plan, budget and serve a large group. Plus, the majority of food items have to made within days of the event. You want to spend your wedding week with your friends and family, not stuck in a hot kitchen! 
•Photography. Unless your friend or relative is an experienced wedding photographer, it’s best to go with qualified photographers. Remember, pictures capture the moments and details that fade in your memory. 
•Florals. First, they are time consuming and need to be done, if fresh, right before the event. Second, being clear with your florist on budget means they can provide cost effective alternatives for your budget. 
•Planners or Coordinators. You best friend maybe really organized but if she’s not a seasoned pro then you need to stick with a professional. A good planner can save you, in many cases, up to half of their fee! They see the big picture and know how to guide you to the right vendors and ask the right question. They’ll also be able to use their past experience to work with your vendors on your wedding day and address any emergencies that arise.
DIY has become the new trend. Pinterest has cemented this trend “how to” and “5 simple steps to…” pins for everything under the sun. While we love a good craft and saving a few bucks there are many times it’s not worth the stress or ultimately ends up costing more than hiring a professional. 

We would love to help you navigate how, where and if you should DIY in your next event. Be on the look out for a special DIY Bride class we have coming in April. Or,set up a consultation with us today.

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