Unveil Your Story

We recently blogged about the importance of a budget. Today we are going to cover how prioritize your budget to tell your story.
Some of the best weddings and events we’ve planned or coordinated are the ones that incorporate aspects that truly represent our clients. 


Matt and Ali love the lake. They both grew up one the water every summer. It was only fitting that they arrive to their reception on their families’ sail boat. 


Darrin and Amber both graduated from Purdue University and grew up on the farm. Their wedding was a true representation of “telling your story. From the fire pits to the home grown pumpkins and gourds it was an honor to help them create a unique experience for their guests. 

Maybe you’re wondering how do I do this for my wedding or event? Here are the first steps we ask our clients to do.

1. Tell us your story. How did you meet? How did your organization start? What’s your mission statement? What do you do for fun? What words to you want your guests to use to describe your event at the end of the night?

2. Prioritize! What’s the most important to you? Is it the food, decor, entertainment?

3. What can you do realistically do yourself? Or a less expensive version of? Do you need high end invitations or could you do a design from Etsy and print at your local printer? Or could you do a later start time and serve heavy hors d’oeuvres vs a full meal? Maybe your event could utilize sponsorship to help with event costs. 

4. Is it cheaper to buy & resale items rather than rent? Think smaller events. Many times it’s easier to buy linens and either have them for future use or resale after your event. This means pick classic colors that can be reused and fit broader needs. 

We’d love to help you make your event about you! Contact us today for a consultation on how we can help you save and create the event YOUR story. 

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