Welcome to the World Nursery

Remember Erin’s travel themed baby shower? Well this theme didn’t stop there! Erin decoded the perfect travel baby nursery.

The large wall map took 4 people to hang! 


Kyle and Erin love to travel and want Bennett to be prepared when they start filling up his first passport.

These cute plane string art came from Target

This large map was bought off Amazon – it gets hung like wallpaper!

This was a neat find by Ally

TJ Maxx for the win!

Target – are we surprised?

Changing table complete with Emily Ley’s sweet baby book.

Some fun facts about B’s nursery:

•The dresser was Erin’s mom’s growing up.

•The crib was used with all of Jeri’s girls and is now living a new life in the Warner family.

•The map of OH is a tribute to Erin’s home state.

The Warners are adjusting well as a new family of 3! Below is a current picture of Bennett who is 2 months old now. 

Nursery Pictures | Arielle Peters Photography 

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