Our Magnolia Trip

To say this post is overdue is pretty much the understatement of the year. Earlier in the year Erin and Jeri made a trip to Waco, TX to embrace all things Magnolia and maybe catch a glimpse of Chipper and JoJo. Unfortunately, Chipper and JoJo were out of town putting the finishing touches on their book. 

Waco is a wonderful town and the downtown is going through a major revitalization thanks impart to the Gaines family. 

Here are a few suggestions for a Waco Weekend:

1.  Go to Magnolia on a Thursday or Friday and get there right when the doors open. Saturday’s are a bit crazy. 

(This was Saturday 20 minutes after opening)

2. Arrive 30 minutes before the store opens to get a good parking spot in the lot directly behind the store. 

3. Start in the back of the store in the discount room and work forward. 

4. Stay for lunch! They have some amazing food trucks and a huge yard that you could bring your kiddos and let them play with all the games available. Or walk through  Joanna’s garden and pose for some photo ops.  Now the bakery is open so you can also grab a delicious Gaines’ family favorite dessert. 

5. Visit Harp Design Company. They have such a cute little shop that you can see where Clint and JoJo bring their talents to life. 

6. Find a local and ask about the other wonderful places in Waco. Wacians are some of the friendliest around and love telling you about the great BBQ, coffee, college, and hidden gems of Waco. 

Jeri’s favorite coffee was at Common Grounds. She still orders coffee from them and has it shipped to her house. 

Last but not least be prepared for the drive from Dallas. It’s almost 2 hours but worth every minute. Erin and Jeri stayed at the Hampton Inn in Waco. It was a wonderful stay with a great southern breakfast every morning and friendly staff. Ask for Corey and he will be glad to direct you to the best BBQ in town. 

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