God’s Timing or Coincidence

Sometimes there are times in your life when you step back and think “WOW”. The past 15 or so months of mine have been like that, making me realize that God is always in control. This probably is of no interest to anyone but me, but I’m going to share it anyway 🙂

In late October 2015, my husband and I found out we were expecting our first child. We had planned on waiting until the following summer to start trying for a family, but surprise, we would actually be welcoming our first child instead. Rewind several months, and in late April of 2015, my company changed our maternity leave policy from 6 weeks to an extra 8 weeks, for a total of 14 fully paid weeks for a natural birth (awesome, right?).

In November of 2015, when I was around 9 weeks pregnant, my company also changed their dress code policy to allowing jeans. Ironically, I had said to my husband the night before we received the policy change that my work dress pants were too tight and uncomfortable, but that I didn’t really want to purchase new maternity ones. I was able to wear my regular jeans to almost the halfway point, and then maternity jeans the rest of the pregnancy. It wasn’t a huge “coincidence” thing, but being able to not buy two sets of clothing (one work, one “play”) was really nice considering you only wear maternity clothes for 5-6 months.

In December of 2015 we told our families we’d be adding a baby to our family. On Christmas Day, we told my grandparents, and I even recorded telling them the news. Less than a month later, my grandpa died unexpectedly. He meant a lot to me growing up, and I was so happy I was able to share with him that he was having a great grandchild. For Christmas I gave them a card and wrote in it “Time is the best gift we can give, so we’d like to take you out for breakfast”. I’ve never done that before for them, and it was a last minute idea for the grandparents who never want anything! The following day, we went out to breakfast. The last conversation we had while walking out of the restaurant, he had asked what the baby would call him: “Bestefar?” (Norwegian for great grandfather). Had we followed our original timeline, he wouldn’t have known.

Kyle and I decided early on in our marriage that when we had kids, I would more than likely leave my job. It just wasn’t feasible for me to work full time for various reasons. With the way the maternity leave policy was, and the time of year Bennett was born, I was able to take 10 weeks of work off, and then spread out my remaining 4 weeks, only working 3 days a week through the end of the year (thanks to my predecessor Ally having that great idea!). Once my maternity leave ran out, I put in my resignation at work – everyone was extremely supportive, including my bosses. Even as much as I disliked my job, deciding to leave what you’ve known the past 5 years, the extra income, and good benefits is scary! I enjoy working with people, and know I’m going to miss the daily adult interaction, especially with a traveling husband.

The week after I put my resignation in, my company laid off a portion of my department, which also included my job. If I had struggled with leaving before, there was no looking back now. Again, had we followed our original “family” timeline, I would have missed out on a lot of benefits provided by my company during the maternity period.

This year, we’ve had a record number of wedding requests, and are able to accommodate more since I will not be working full-time, providing a small supplemental income for us.

I am thankful for an omniscient God.

When have there been times in your life where the timing makes you take a step back?

Thanks for reading,



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