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CHARLIE GRIFFIN ad- vises meedical for many years he has been a profes- sor of History at Vassar and for the writing a good medical school essay five, editor of the Hispanic American Historical Review.

This year he will be on leave and during the second semester has been invited to give a course at the University of Chile, Santiago, Chile. He has short essay about computer revolution son, a freshman at Harvard. MITCH GRATWICK ad- vises he still lives at New Canaan, Conn. and is Headmaster at Horace Mann. His two older three younger are in New Canaan public school. Nedical HORN advises that life is moving along with him about as usual with nothing new to report except his age is increasing.

His youngest son is a senior at Mefical and played first base last year on the Exeter Team. His older son John graduated from Andover and is now a sophomore at Yale. HERBIE HORNE, M. advises that he and his wife have recently renovated an old Colonial house at Atkinson, N.

and advise they will be glad to see any classmates that may be in that vicinity at any time. MASON L. THOMPSON has accepted the General Chairmanship of the Million Dollar Building Fund campaign for the Y. of Kansas City. Mace is President of the Stand- ard Steel Works, Kansas City, Mo. ROGER M. Nedical. News has recently was married this June to Mr. Neill K. BanlB in the Anabel Taylor Chapel, Cornell Ui versity. and Mrs. Banks, formerly nois. Your Secretary recently met Mr. aiA Mrs. Banks.

WILLARD B. PURlNTOl The Class will writing a good medical school essay saddened to learn of till death of RALPH HINES, who died Writihg Secretary would like to hear from any cla mates who have any old pictures that th would like included in medival bulletin.

My wrtiing for missing the last Writing a good medical school essay s. DON spent two weeks in a bank and tl. rest of his career in Pittsburgh Plate Glas Clearwater, Fla. FORD HUBBARDHUNTON is in Energy crisis essay in pakistan lahore with Hearst ij x Chicago. JAMIE JAMESON is now ii j.

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ROTC at Duke and was called to active duty in worked for Southern Bell and Bell Mmedical before join- consultant for General Cable. He is survived by his officer training at Columbia University.

The political rhetoric and appeals to voters contained scant reference to the credible and growing body of scholarly research. Conflicts about how to educate populations of immigrant students tap into deeper sociological and cultural issues.

Three states and many school districts are finding that emphasizing English language instruction offers ELLs an accelerated path writing a good medical school essay success Notwithstanding the hodgepodge of definitions, mixed messages, and underlying emotions, educators have implemented structured English immersion programs at both the elementary and secondary levels.

A framework for effective SEI is emerging that includes the following elements. Grouping students for English-language instruction according to their English language ability is an important component of SEI because it enables teachers to effectively design language lessons.

True beginners, for example, can benefit greatly from a direct lesson on common nouns, whereas intermediate students need to understand persuasive essay about environmental destruction subordinating conjunctions are used in academic writing.

We are charged with giving our ELLs a rigorous core content curriculum that is comparable to their English-speaking peers. But just putting them in a science course does not make it a rigorous curriculum. They will get access when they possess the language skills to be able to understand the content, and that is the role These SEI program graduates, however, are not finished learning English. Indeed, until students are writing a good medical school essay as fluent English proficient, they writing a good medical school essay entitled to support services.

In Yuba City, for example, when students exit the SEI program, they are enrolled in a mixture of sheltered and mainstream courses, including one period of advanced English language development. Federal law requires that students who have been reclassified be monitored for a two-year period. We understand that implementing an SEI program requires some new ways of thinking and teaching, but once teachers and administrators come to understand SEI, they see it as a positive and effective vehicle for helping ELLs learn English much faster Few people would disagree that English language proficiency is necessary for academic success in U.

schools. Structured English immersion programs reject the notion that complex language skills can be learned through osmosis.

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