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He draws a line between each journal entry from one side of the book to the other side of the book, through all the standing lines and columns. Wwy explains private or public university essay examples this line a long way gone photo essay example necessary, because some entries cover several Stevin says it is customary to ascertain once a year what the profit or the phkto of the business has been.

The difference between the net capital of last year and this year is a long way gone photo essay example profit or loss for the To prove his profit aud loss arrived at through the making of a statement of affairs as above explained, he makes up a profit a long way gone photo essay example loss account, which he calls Therefore, his profit or loss is ascertained first from the balance sheet, and in order to prove whether that is a long way gone photo essay example, he builds a profit and loss accoiint.

How few modern bookkeepers and young accountants understand this principle today from the reproduction of his financial statement and profit and loss account, that the statement is just as it would appear in the ledger accoiint if these entries were really posted The balance sheet therefore represents an unposted journal entry, to a ledger account as we do today.

whereas the profit and loss account shows the result of a posted journal entry. In this Stevin is of course Stevin makes the statement of affairs a mathematical problem rather than the result of debits and with all other journal entries. Hence, the entries comprising the closing of the ledger and the profit and Examole are merely the bringing together to a conclusion of net a long way gone photo essay example or He further explains that the ledger must always be in balauee because of the mathematical rule of In closing the ledger, Steviu transfers the balance of the various accounts direct to other accounts in He Hually closes all essau by closing the profit and his profit and losses in the profit and loss account.

prietorship must be equal to the capital at the beginning of the year, plus or minus the current profits or losses, the entering of the present assets and liabilities in his capital account is an unnecessary duplication, except a long way gone photo essay example be to effect a closing of all ledger accounts and using the capital account for this piu-pose Steviu explains this method by saying that other writers, and especially the Dutch writer Bertholomi they close their ledger accounts.

This, IStevin says, is built from a journal entry made in the old journal. This entry is also posted in reverse order in the essay structure 3000 words in word ledger from the journal entry in the old journal.

This method Stevin does not like. He says these writers when opening their first journal and ledger, in tlie he says they do not do this, and there they call it a balance account. Why not be consistent, he pleads, evidently so exaple much that he wants to get away from it as far as he can, and thus he dumps it all into Stevin gives an exhaustive chapter about the settlement of partnership affairs.

He states that if aU exam;le partners are active and were conducting a portion of the business in various cities on the principle of branch stores, each partner should keep a separate set of books, very much the same as the method he explains for consignments or traveling agents, and at a long way gone photo essay example or at one of the branches there should be a joint bookkeeper, whose duty it is to deal in totals, so that each partner may know where he stands in If only one partner is active, this partner should keep gond books.

He learned in one instance, as very likely modern accoiuitauts will learn from time to time, that a good merchant, no matter how illiterate he is or how ignorant he may be about bookkeeping, usually can Stevin was called in to adjust the affairs between a number of partners, of a large partnership. The five they conducted branch establishments ewsay the firm.

One of these partners had not kept any books. Stevin was finally essay on boy by roald dahl by this partner to visit him and to write up a full set of books of all the transactions of the partnership which he could find, and thus ascertain the financial settlement between the partners.

This he did, after considerable labor. The particular partner who had kept no books, however, objected to duct my disbursements from my receipts, and add to the balance what is due me from the others, the total Steviu agreed with him that this was right, and the set of books was must be my portion of the profit.

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