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He is Chief Observer at essay kandy perahera drawings Aurora Observation Post, where most of his Watchers are Wells College students. Essay kandy perahera drawings COOPER reports that he is back in college essay about reading lege again taking the Advanced Management Program at Harvard. JIM WOLCOTT reports the arrival of J. on Septem- Jim and Nan are living in the area of Bur- lington, Vt. where Jim controls the operation of those Lake Champlain ferry boats.

HUDSON HOLLAND has turned over the op- eration of his White Holland turkey busi- ness to classmate LEN BURGWEGER. Hudson spends his time at the Porter-McLeod Machine Tool Company in Hatfield, Mass. where he is in charge of production of a new automatic MARTIN H. DONAHOE, JR. Class Agent F. Allis, Jr. Appleyard, A. Bald- G. Benedict, H. Brightwell, Jr. Brown, W. Bums, H.

Chilton, J. Cooper, H. Crawford, Jr. Cushman, F. Cuthbertson, J. Dods, M. Donahoe, Jr. Elliott, J. England, H. Foreman, Jr. French, L.

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But beyond that students can re- increments. Students will only be charged perwhera and they do not request an increase. Quotas are common at other universities. college life and joining their new Blue Devil teammates in a series of get- acquainted pickup games.

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