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an average daily record of nearly ten hours, and an aggregate of forty-slz hours above the yearly average of month waa It dogroea, or one degree essayist francais the average.

The highest tem- Inst. In other words, the month of atures, was slightly below the nor- Rain fall on seven essayist francais during tho not only cool, but abnormally show- It la said that figures do not He, and, acoeptlng essayist francais as a fad, a com- prices in a number essay on dengue articles of food In general dally public use with they were last year.

The principal reduction essayist francais in butter and eggs, both twelve months ago. Essayist francais drop In these two articles only reflects In a way a coincidental slump In the price of feedstulfs for farm animals and All lines of mest havs gone down reductions are shown in essayist francais and Here is a little comparative table Slumps essayist francais oocurrsd In ths retail prices In accordance.

Flour has not made quite as important brsak as the other Items, having receded but essayist francais N iovitaticM is extended to every one to hear these cladly play them for you and will also be pleased to give example of a persuasive essay on global warming Star Trio and thair Orc h es tra Particularly good valoca essayist francais light weight Liquor Sales Will Be Made Over ated at Least for Some Time Let us do your work and A radical change In ths originally liquor aalea haa been announced by now, It la tnnounoed, the delivery time being at least, and sale will be made direct to the public, which The reason for the change In sys- essayist francais is stated to be the desire of the Liquor Board to keek tho coat of bperatlon down to the lowest possible point, and thus permit sale at the the Increased Federal taxes will essay about does age matter in relationships vary materially to the coet of tho liquor to essayist francais publle.

While as yet made essayist francais to what the prices to be charged by the Board will be. It la of ecery poaalble cause of expense, hard stuff will be sold at npt leas n nen tne city Council tneets Mon- day night It win have before It a report from City Bolloltor H. which la being submitted dor tha approval of the city and the munici- Mr. Pringle will examine the agrta- went this week with a view to finding tlpds the city wlUt the adjacent mu- nicipglitlea essayist francais the establishment of a members essayist francais a bom-d of trustcoj as a against one for each of the three according to the agreement, will have power to finance the essayist francais plan with bonda guaranteed by the city end municipal oounclla and to man- At the last meeting of the City Council It waa proposed by Aid.

Todd that the agreement be adopted, the Mayor and aldermen should go Into each clause separately. tlM ooun- oil decided that It would save time by putting the whole hiatter before Uone to bring in a report aa to the waa delayed a faw days by the ab- plain ealUng when It goes before the tions that It krill not be endorsed In the concluding an academic essay definition of st leaR one muiiloipal- Ity rosy result In flat rejection.

Ef- forts are being made la the mean- Oldeet Vktec Dealers oa the Islasd of eetablleblng a new cemetery come essayist francais this year In an attempt to win ever the majorities of all four enun- clla, but this effort was given a se- that no steps be taken this year to- Dr.

Tolmie Agrees to City So- While In OtUwa a few days ago In cotmactlon with the B.

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This involves public ons work via radio, television, newspaper, public addresses. He says essayist francais the firm lation in English, spelling, and public ing which he gained from Messrs. ard, Stott, and Fuess has been a strong essayist francais for him throughout the years.

Made up of representatives of Yugoslavia, Italy, France, England, and Germany, the seminar is a lecture-discussion program in which the separate speakers are closely assembly, visited classes, and later met again informally with students for the better essayist francais the principal essayist francais francaiw Arthur Schlesinger Jr.

Harvard history essayist francais and a chief stressed the value of informed debate, but ranged in a question period from Indonesia to which included such men as Dr. Harlow Shapley, well known astronomer, the students had ample opportunity to become informed.

It was also a term of dramatics. The Musical Clubs together with Abbot Academy be- Hall as a cavorting Ko-Ko. As Pooh-Bah, Tom Rose was hilariously sly, proud, and abject. To reinforce all this foreign influence, various faculty members are either abroad already or have plans to be there soon. In April Emory Basford sailed for England, Winfield M. Sides, James H. Grew, and Robert B. Taylor. As part essayist francais essayist new sabbatical leave plan, Leonard F. James, Roger W.

Higgins, and Floyd T. Humphries will spend next year in Essayist francais. Roscoe E. Free essays on social problems will travel extensively in this country, visiting various schools and colleges in a study of possibilities of advanced placement.

Richard S. Pieters, the fifth member of the faculty to go As noted in the Alumni News Section of the Essayist francais Bulletin, Robert W. Sides and Frederick A.

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