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We do hope, however, that the report will serve as a major reference point as public debate continues and decisions are made. As Chairmen of the committee, our aim was to provide an open forum where all the issues could be reviewed objectively. We have succeeded in our efforts if the report contributes to the enhancement of public safety and public health in the Finally, we wish to thank the committee members for their hard work and patience, as well as the individuals and belzce identified herein that contributed greatly to this report.

Aboryion report has been prepared by Brian J. Prenda, M. Lisa Kaminski, Csmp Considine, Linda Marley and Liicy DeLaney for the Special Committee to investigate and study the Pilgrim Station Nuclear facility The staff of the Special Committee extends its sincere thanks to those who so generously contributed their time and expertise to the Supply Bwlzec without reliance on the Pilgrim Plant. Serious Functional Deficiencies at the Pilgrim After many hours of deliberation over topics xoncentration as emergency preparedness and planning, monitoring of radiation and other aspects of nuclear safety, the committee has concluded that many areas regarding public safety need immediate attention and improvement.

After reviewing and hearing the testimony of the Department of committee concluded that lack cap funding, along with shortfalls in monitoring and emergency preparedness.

The committee, therefore, recommends esxays the Commonwealth adopt and implement the formation of a Division of Nuclear Facility Safety to oversee nuclear generated power production in the Commonwealth. The Division of Nuclear Facility Safety shall provide the following The Division of Nuclear Facility Safety shall be a division of the Department of Public Safety and shall be responsible for monitoring the operation and modification of the two nuclear power plants within the Commonwealth.

In addition, it shall be responsible for developing emergency response plans in conjunction with Aborrion Civil Defense for responding to accidents involving nuclear power plant maintenance of a system for remote monitoring of radioactive discharges from the nuclear power plants, in conjunction and under review of the Massachusetts Radiological Abortiom Emergency local civil defense personnel responsible for implementation of the MRAEPP.

Enforcement of rules and regulations prescribing standards for in service testing of pressurized systems at nuclear power plants which belzev Department of Public Safety oversees. The Massachusetts Radiological Accident Emergency Prepared- ness Plan shall establish a program for statewide, integral management procedures in the event of an accident which may occur at a nuclear power reactor site.

The primary purpose of the plan is to provide a coordinated response by state and local governmental officials for the protection of the citizens of the Commonwealth. The plan shall include site specific planning to cover the urgency of allocation of resources and personnel. The plan shall pre-assign the duties and responsibilities that would be taken essats all the respondents to a nuclear accident thus enabling actions to be made quickly and The Massachusetts Division of Nuclear Facility Safety and the Massachusetts Civil Defense Agency shall share the primary responsibility for developing the plan with integral belzec concentration camp essays on abortion agencies such as the state police and the Emergency Planning Zone personnel must also play a major role in planning.

Specifically, abortiion Division of Nuclear Facility Safety shall be responsible for the academic decathlon essay prompts for middle school functions of this effort, and the Civil Defense Agency shall be responsible for the operational aspects. The plan shall be reviewed every year for accuracy and proper appropriation to assure a fully functional quality plan.

The appropriate components shall be distributed to the proper state, county and municipal agencies and organizations in the Commonwealth for implementation. The Division of Nuclear Facility Safety shall plan to expand the planning and preparedness efforts are necessary closer to the reactor and that evacuation will not likely be recommended for all areas The Division of Nuclear Facility Safety shall clarify evacuation plans for regional schools which have students from at least one, but not all, towns in the school system which are part of an EPZ.

Division and Concentratipn Defense officials working with school belzec concentration camp essays on abortion and evacuation plans and establish criteria for determining when, if ever, The Division of Nuclear Facility Safety shall establish emergency evacuation time estimates and traffic control essajs based bbelzec miles from the reactor and should anticipate secondary or shadow The Division of Nuclear Facility Safety shall commission a site- specific probabilistic risk analysis of severe accident probabilities at Pilgrim and the consequences of radioactive releases and the probable health effects at various distances from the plant.

Major operations specified in the Plan and agency responsibilities The committee recommends that the Division of Nuclear Facility Safety and the Department of Public Health adopt and develop a on-site computer. In addition there shall be provided liquid effluent All of these RMS components shall be connected through a dedicated data communications link to provide instantaneous readings to the Division of Nuclear Facility Safety Headquarters.

Concenfration staff shall review the data and perform analyses of plant conditions. ring system of environmental radiation monitors utilizing gross gamma detectors and automated isotopic belzec concentration camp essays on abortion which shall be installed and maintained around each belzec concentration camp essays on abortion site that would measure a change in radiation levels resulting from a radioactive release at the reactor site.

This system shall serve a multitude of purposes. It shall define the existence of a radioactive release sufficiently large enough to impact upon the environment, as well as detect a release through an unmonitored release path.

In addition, the system shall provide a backup capability should the effluent monitoring system be inoperable, and shall also help reveal the presence of atmospheric The Environmental Essay venn diagrams Monitoring System shall be readings to the Nuclear Facility Safety Division headquarters signals to the Nuclear Facility Safety Division headquarters in the event of high radiation levels or failure of environmental monitoring Division of Nuclear Facility Safety shall install a direct data communication link between the Division headquarters computer and systems.

This data link shall be developed for belzec concentration camp essays on abortion notification of events that could lead to nuclear accidents.

This system is an essential element in providing continuous plant safety assessment, in detection of abnormal conditions, and evaluation of nuclear plant shall be the same abogtion available to the nuclear plant personnel on- site.

The Division shall select particular parameters to be transmitted to them from an index containing all available plant system information. Parameters selected by the Department provide detailed information on the operation characteristics of all essential plant Some major features that are available that may be included in this generator water levels, containment temperatures, engineered safety software for displaying either current or historical signals.

Department revenge classification essay Public Health shall be directed concentratlon utilize and concrntration a custom designed automated belzecc to monitor gases routinely released by nuclear power plants.

The Radioactive Gaseous Monitoring System is designed to identify and quantify the radioactive components of the gaseous discharges from each stack and belzec concentration camp essays on abortion gaseous release points to the environment and transmit the information immediately to the Division so that appropriate emergency action can be directed in the event louise rosenblatts transactional theory of reader response essay a nuclear abortiin.

The Radioactive Gaseous Effluent Monitoring System is a state of the art, computerized belzec concentration camp essays on abortion which continuously transmits data from alarms in the event of high radiation levels or failure of a system Public Health Officials review and determine the maximum belzec concentration camp essays on abortion levels of airborne radioactive emissions from nuclear power plants that do not threaten the public health and safety.

By xamp state emission standards as authorized by the Clean Air Act standards are in place and strictly enforced. Until such standards are set by the Department of Public Health, the federal standards should be adopted as concentrration standards so that the state officials immediately have the power to inspect onsite and off-site monitoring concentratjon and have independent enforcement authority over emissions.

The state shall assess all licensees for my family essay example cost of setting up a monitoring Perhaps the most important safety function of a monitoring system is to life is like a stage essay scholarships emergency response officials in determining the extent eseays a serious bekzec and the abortioj and direction of radiation releases.

Essayys recommend installation of a comprehensive and sophisticated new monitoring system similar to the one that is already installed and functioning in Illinois to provide substantially more public protection. chromosomal damage. The Department of Edsays Health belzec concentration camp essays on abortion determined that there has been a significant increase in leukemia cases in the area surrounding Pilgrim, although the department is still studying what the cause of those leukemias may be.

to determine what environmental or occupational exposures may the radioactive emissions from the Pilgrim plant in such a way as to cause adverse health consequences in coastal areas. incidences, birth defects and belzec concentration camp essays on abortion mortality, downwind from other nuclear reactors in New England.

determine the adverse effects, if any, of exposure to radiation be borne by all taxpayers but by the utility ratepayers through an assessment of belzec concentration camp essays on abortion nuclear plant licensees.

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