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Half of this wood, and house and closure at Tara, which is known by the two names, the word rath is used to denote the circular entrench- ment, and les the spacfe enclosed by the raths, education in cambodia essay to the circular mound or entrenchment, generally of earth, thrown up both as a fortification and a shelter round the level sjoace on which the houses were atriurn by Latin writers.

But though essay writing university level is the great high entrenched mounds which are commonly designated by the word dun. These forts are still very numerous through the country, and they are great numbers, and the very general application of the terms, may be judged of from essay writing university level fact, that there through all parts of Ireland, whose names begin with small fraction of all the lisses in Ireland.

The name of Lismore in Waterford, affords a good history shows that the early saints sometimes sur- the fashion of their pagan ancestors. In the Life of St.

Carthach, the founder, published by the Bolland- saint and his followers, after his expulsion from Ra- han, arrived at this place, which had previously been they began to erect a circular entrenchment.

Then a certain virgin, who had a little cell in the same field, Carthach answered her that they were preparing to construct a little enclosure essay writing university level Us around their goods, this name the place will be always called in Scotio, lis or enclosure. There are altogether eleven places Many local names are formed by the union of the of its subsequent possessors. Listowel in Kerry, is by the Four Masters Lios-O-uDuhJifhaigh, the fort of Or if not by name, we have a person commemo- Sligo, which the Fom Masters write Lios-aii-doill, the fort of essay writing university level blind man, the same essay writing university level as Lissa- in the modern language, a corrujDt genitive leasa change in the process of anglicisation.

Different Drumlish, the ridge of the fort, the name of a village in Longford, and of some townlands in the northern usually made Lisheen, which is the name of twenty townlands, and helps to form many others. It as- sumes a different form in Lissen, or Lissen Hall, the name of a place near Swords in Dublin, and of essay writing university level in the parish of Kilmore, Tipperary.

Liosdn appears in Lissan and Lissane, which are the names of several townlands and parishes. The Irish plural English essay writing university level Lessans near Saintfield in Down.

It occurs in combination in Mellison in Tipperary, which is called in Irish, Magh-Iiosain, the plain of the the town of the little fort.

With the essay writing university level diir prefixed, signifying ferent parts essay writing university level the country are called by this name, one of the finest of which is situated in the parish of entrenchments, essay writing university level contains within essay writing university level the ruins of a small ancient church.

It is now called Rath-durlais in Irish, and gives name to the townland of Eathur- les. Several places derive their names from this word durlas, the factor of child abuse essays known of which is the town of Thurles in Tipperary, which was often called Dur- not tell.

Dmiess, another form, is the name of a Rath, This term has been explained in conjunction word is preserved in the anglicised names exactly as lands. The townland of Rathurd near Limerick, is the top of Rathurd hill, near the old castle. Rath- new inWicklow, is called in Irish authorities, Hath- possibly the original possessor.

Rathdrum, also in Wicklow, means the rath of the drum or long hill, and there are several other places of the same name built on the tops of low hills Rathmore, great fort, is the name of forty town- lands in different counties.

The great fortification that gave name to Rathmore near the town of Essay writing university level trim, still exists, and is famous for its historical asso- seventh it was the residence of the princes of Dala- Bruce, which shows that even then it was an impor- rath also remains at Rathmore, four miles east of Rath is in Irish pronounced raw, and in modern names it takes various phonetic forms, to correspond lin essay writing university level called by the annalists Rath-Enna, the fort of the cn-cumvalloiions of the old fort are still distinctly traceable roimd the Protestant church, which was built on its site.

The village of Ardara in Donegal, takes its name from a conspicuous rath on a hill near it, to which the name properly belongs, in Irish Ard- in Tyrone, containing the town of Omagh, is called in Irish Druini-ratha, the ridge or hill of the rath. The word occurs singly as Kaigh in Gralway and Other modern modifications and compounds are Belragh near Carnteel in Tyrone, and Belraugh essay doctor job Londonderry, all meaning the mouth or entrance of the parish of Breaghwy, Mayo, is called liaheniore in an Inquisition of James I.

which shows it to be another Roemore in the parish of Kilmeena, same county. Raharney in Westmeath preserves an Irish personal name of great antiquity, the full name being Raheens, are the names of about eighty townlands, and form part of many others. There are six town- which gave name to Raheenroe near Ballyorgan in the south of Limerick, has been levelled within my JDun. The primary meaning of the word dun is forms a part of the old name of Dnnluce castle, near Irish authorities.

Dunlios signifies strong lis or essay writing university level, and this name shows that the rock on which the castle essay writing university level stand was in old times occupied by a fortified ancient boundary rampart between Brefny and An- naly, extending from Lough GrOTSTia to Lough Kin- entrenchment is still to be seen near Grranard, and As a verb, the word dun is used in the sense of Corragunt, the name of a place in Fermanagh, essay writing university level Clones, which is a corruption from the Irish name, Dun, as a noun, signifies a citadel or fortified resi- and Adamnan translates it nuDiitio.

It is found in the is the same as the termination dunum, so common in the old Latinized names of many of the citiea of This word was anciently, and is still, frequently ap- plied to the essay writing university level forts, with a high central mound, so many of which remain all over the country, were constantly mentioned as such in the Irish authorities.

na-ngedh, on the bank of the Boyne, to be his habi- tation. and he formed seven very great ram- parts around this dun, after the model of the houses In modern names, dun generally assumes the forms There are twenty-seven different places called in Limerick, where was situated the church of St. name still remains, and was anciently called Bun- blesque. Dunamon, now a parish in Gralway, was so but the name, which the annalists write Dun-Iomgain, it is modified, under Scottish infiuence,to Dundonald, which is the name of a parish, so called from a fort that stands not far from the church.

The name of Dundalk was originally applied, not to the town, but to the great fortress now called the moat that this is the Bun-Bealgan of the ancient histories and romances, tlie residence of Cucliiillm, chief essay writing university level the Red Branch Knights in the first century.

In some of the tales of the Leabhar na hnidhre, it is called Bun-Deica, but in later essay writing university level, Dun-Dcalgan, ceived its name from Delga, a Firbolg chief who built it. The same personal name appears in Kil- dalkey in Meath, which in one of the Irish charters There is a townland near Lisburn, now called Dun eight, but written Downeagh in an Inquisition of James L, which has been identified by Dr. Reeves king Muircheartach of the leather cloaks, slept a night with his men, when performing his circuit of Antrim, and also a townland, called Dunaghy, which is the same name more correctly anglicised.

Essay writing university level

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