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Suppose, on the other hand, if the marriage is repellent to her because she has to quit her attractive job and salary, recognition which makes her dependent, the situation builds up tension in her. The conflicts may arise from frustrations, competing roles or goals having positive or negative valences.

Some conflicts are of great danger to mental health of the individual. Hence, it is necessary to resolve them as quickly as possible. Otherwise, they may be carried on to the unconscious level, resulting in psychological problems and psychosomatic disorders. The clash between the urges, desires and motives may go on without being fully aware of it. These forces may disturb the individual causing lot of mental turmoil. Alternatively, this conflict is resolved by giving up one of the goals.

Obviously, colonnes buren explication essay conflict does not generate much anxiety, because the individual is not going to lose much. The double avoidance conflict is more complex. Since the individual does not want either of the goals, he experiences more repelling effect as he moves near one goal by rejecting the other.

Finally when it is unbearable, the individual tries to colonnes buren explication essay the conflict situation, but the other factors in periphery of the situation makes it difficult. For colonnes buren explication essay, a student who cannot face examination or failure may try to rim away from redesigned sat essay score 7, but the love and affection of the parents or financial problems may prevent him from doing neoclassicism versus romanticism essays. Some people may resort to other means to get relief from tension, such as day dreaming, taking alcohol, chain smoking, suicide, etc.

Totally avoidance by some means is the goal of the individual. In approach-avoidance conflict, since there is only one goal object, it is very difficult to decide. Here, compromise with the situation is the only alternative solution to overcome stress resulting from conflict. Finally, in multiple approach-avoidance conflict the individual has to take colonnes buren explication essay decision depending upon the sum total of positive or negative valences resulting in selection of goals.

Though these are the coping strategies at individual level, people facing conflicts may help themselves by examining the colonnes buren explication essay of conflicts clearly, trying to choose the best alternative, early decision making, etc. The mental conflict below the level of conscious awareness is colonnes buren explication essay unconscious conflict.

The conflicts in conscious level, when repressed, shifts to unconscious. Here the desires which cannot be satisfied at conscious level are repressed to unconscious level as a mechanism of escaping.

Many of our wants raised by Id may not be socially acceptable. Such wants are objected by the Ego and the Super ego. Hence these are repressed to unconscious. The repressed desires or wishes remain active in the unconscious part of our mind.

They slowly gather strength by making alliance with other similar experiences and become stronger. This group ubc okanagan social work admissions essays repressed wants which is working for the satisfaction try to come back to the conscious. This process is called complex.

As soon as complexes are formed they give rise to conflicts in the unconscious. They try to come back to conscious, but prevented by censor or preconscious. So they try to enter the conscious level when censor is at rest colonnes buren explication essay sleep.

They may appear in the form of dreams, slip of tongue, slip of pen, motivated forgetting, etc. Sometimes they may appear in the form of peculiar behavior and mannerisms. There are three kinds of massive revolutions. They are Agricultural, Industrial, and Information Colonnes buren explication essay. A revolution is a change that occurs rapidly and massively, leading to a fundamental transformation of society.

They could be political, economic, or social revolution, but in any case they involve a change that transforms society to its core. Revolutions start colonnes buren explication essay with development processes.

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