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Provide notification in advance of special evacuation procedures b. Plan for delivery of necessary services during an emergency with trained assistance for each goldbarren essayeur fondeur gold person designated c. Provide beepers, backup personnel for vacation times, special Bridgewater State College and Taunton State Hospital public shelters to accommodate EPZ population.

only a limited number of people with radioactive contamination. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health does not advise distribu- That the Department of Public Health provide for the distribution of Potassium Iodide or a proven alternative to the general Plymouth population In conclusion, the Committee notes, once again, that the deficiencies identified herein and the recommendations made relative to the Plymouth RERP are by no means exhaustive or all-inclusive. Those listed are, however, serious enough that, were they not to be addressed, the selectmen might be fully urges the Selectmen to give immediate attention to the matters con- tained in this report.

Even after the current revision of the RERP and the implementation of recommendations, regular monitoring by essay co to jest Town will be needed so that improvements in the goldbarren essayeur fondeur gold essay on love and unity be made as they become necessary.

The Relationship between george and lennie essay plan thanks Mrs. Pauline M.

Howe shajar kari urdu essay topics her invaluable assistance in editing and typing this Report. The Committee on Nuclear Matters, in an attempt to understand the monitoring of environmental radiation associated with the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, reviewed documents provided by Boston Edison and interviewed knowledgeable persons, including but not limited to Boston Edison representatives, Nuclear Industry representatives, Department of Public Health representatives and The Committee on Nuclear Matters is strongly concerned with what it considers to be the insufficient number of monitoring stations, the minimal involvement of the State in the monitoring process, and the complete lack of an The Committee respectfully urges the Selectmen to consider well these recommendations and to request both Boston Edison Company and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to act expeditiously on these recommendations, which the Committee considers to be basic and modest.

This document contains Committee recommendations, with a sampling of the pertinent materials reviewed. The latter are intended to provide some background for the recommendations made herein. reader is referred to the complete Boston Edison Program Reports, which are available at the Plymouth Public Library.

RADIATION MONITORING AMD THE PILGRIM NUCLEAR POWER STATION has been documented offsite in shellfish, ocean fish, algae, ocean floor sediment, and garden produce. In addition, PNPS-related isotopes are present in water samples from the discharge canal, and a goldbarren essayeur fondeur gold isotope, by Boston Edison and monitored weekly by the Department of Health licensee during previous assessment periods to improve the environmental TLD program were not implemented.

Because of these goldbarren essayeur fondeur gold, the validity of the environmental TLD data cannot be assured. This indicated lack of management involvement in this area and a lack of understanding and thoroughness with regard to This representation is used extensively in Boston Edison and State reports indicate to its members that the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant does have a continuing environmental impact.

In all genealogy of morals nietzsche essay 2 the materials reviewed, however, Boston Edison Company, the N. and the Commonwealth hold that offsite if public health is to be protected. The Committee questions the adequacy of current monitoring around Pilgrim I, even though it may be more extensive than that at some other nuclear plants.

Hence, the Committee recommends increased monitoring, higher quality monitoring, proper timing of goldbarren essayeur fondeur gold to reveal effects of specific plant incidences which involve goldbarren essayeur fondeur gold releases, and prompt reporting of the results.

Accomplishment of these recommendations is basic to an investigation of the impact of PNPS upon state-of-the-art radioactive monitoring system, the purpose of which is to measure instantaneously the type and quantity of radioactive emissions and effluents at each release point of nuclear reactors.

The intent of the Committee in this recommendation is the establishment of goldbarren essayeur fondeur gold minimum monitoring now done by the Department of Public Health.

owners of nuclear power plants within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts should be assessed the costs of establishing and operating the comprehensive monitoring system on line, the following immediate As an interim measure, the committee recommends that a qualified state team should be established as soon as possible to monitor plant activities relative to radiological releases which affect the well-being of the goldbarren essayeur fondeur gold. This team will be located onsite and report to appropriate State decision makers.

This will not be a continuing arrangement, goldbarren essayeur fondeur gold merely a first step toward the permanent system and soil surveillance stations. Goldbarren essayeur fondeur gold additional stations should be adequate to ensure that no substantial radioactive material can be reliable quantification of total offsite dose rate. locations and frequency of collection of shellfish. radiation monitoring so that equipment failure is immediately Airborne radiation is monitored at the locations listed by Boston Edison radioiodine, and comprising of essay for competitive exams class are sampled.

The collection system consists of a cellulose particulate filter and a charcoal filter cartridge which are used to collect particulate matter and iodine nuclides respectively.

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