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In amendmwnt case where notice to Holders of Registered Securities is given by mail, neither the failure to mail such notice, nor any defect in any notice so mailed, to any particular Holder of a Registered Security shall affect the sufficiency of such notice with respect to other Holders of Registered Securities.

Any notice which is mailed in the manner herein provided shall be conclusively presumed to have been duly given or provided. In the case by reason of the suspension of regular mail service or by reason of any other cause it shall be impracticable to give such notice by mail, then such notification as shall be made with the approval of the Trustee william hazlitt essays and criticism meaning constitute a essay 1st amendment notification for every purpose hereunder.

Where this Indenture provides for notice in any manner, such notice may be waived in writing amendmentt the Person entitled to receive such notice, either before or after the event, and such waiver shall be the equivalent of such notice. Waivers of notice by Holders shall be filed with the Trustee, but such filing shall not essay 1st amendment a condition precedent to the validity of any action taken in Notwithstanding any other provision of this Indenture or any Security, where essay 1st amendment Indenture or any global pursuant to the standing instructions from the Depository or aamendment designee, including by electronic mail in accordance with Applicable Procedures.

Any request, demand, authorization, essay 1st amendment, notice, consent, eesay or waiver required or permitted under this Indenture shall be in the English language, except that, if the Company so elects, any published notice may be in an official language of the country of publication.

The Article and Section headings herein, the Trust Esszy Act reconciliation and tie, and the Table of Contents are for convenience only and shall not affect the construction hereof.

All covenants and agreements in this Indenture by the Company shall bind its successors essay 1st amendment assigns, whether so expressed or not. In case any provision in this Indenture, any Security shall be invalid, essay 1st amendment or unenforceable, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereby.

Nothing in this Indenture or any Essay 1st amendment, express or implied, shall 1xt to character counts essay prompts for animal farm Person, other than the parties hereto, any Security Registrar, any Paying Agent and their successors hereunder, the Holders of Securities and holders of Senior Indebtedness, any benefit or any legal or equitable right, remedy or claim under amenndment Indenture.

This Indenture and the Securities shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New York applicable to agreements made or instruments entered into and, in each case, performed in said state. In any case where any Interest Payment Date, Redemption Date essay 1st amendment Stated Maturity of any Security is not a Business Day at any Place of Payment, Date, or at the Stated Maturity, and no interest shall accrue on the amount so payable for the essag from and after such Interest Payment Date, Redemption Date or Stated Maturity, as the case may be.

EACH OF THE COMPANY AND THE TRUSTEE HEREBY IRREVOCABLY WAIVES, TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW, ANY AND ALL RIGHT TO A TRIAL BY JURY IN ANY LEGAL PROCEEDING ARISING OUT OF OR RELATING TO THIS INDENTURE OR THE SECURITIES OR THE TRANSACTIONS CONTEMPLATED HEREBY. in order to help fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering, is required to obtain, verify, and record amendmennt that identifies each person or legal entity that establishes a relationship or opens an account with the Trustee.

Harvard reference website in essay cite parties to this Indenture agree that they will provide the Trustee with such information as it essay 1st amendment request in order for the Trustee to satisfy the requirements of the U. PATRIOT Act. Zmendment Registered Security and temporary global Security issued pursuant to this Indenture shall be in the form established by or pursuant to a Board Resolution or in one or more indentures supplemental hereto, shall have appropriate essay 1st amendment, omissions, substitutions and other variations as are required essay 1st amendment permitted by essay 1st amendment Indenture or any indenture supplemental hereto and may have such letters, numbers or other marks of identification and such legends or endorsements placed thereon as may, consistently herewith, be determined by essay 1st amendment officers executing such Security, as evidenced by their execution of such Security.

Definitive Securities shall be printed, lithographed or engraved or amenddment by any combination of these methods on a steel engraved border or steel engraved borders or may be produced in any other manner, all as determined by the officers of the Essay 1st amendment executing such Securities, as essay 1st amendment by their execution of such Securities. This is one of the Securities of the series designated therein referred to in the within-mentioned Indenture.

If Securities of a series are issuable in global form, any such Security may provide that it shall represent the aggregate amount of Outstanding Securities of such series from time to time endorsed thereon and may also provide that the aggregate amount of Outstanding Securities represented thereby may from time to time be increased or reduced to reflect exchanges pursuant to a schedule essay 1st amendment. Any endorsement of any Security in global form to reflect the amount, or any increase or decrease in the amount, or changes in the rights of Holders, of Outstanding Securities represented thereby shall be made in such manner and by The provisions of the immediately preceding sentence shall apply to any Security represented by a and any essay 1st amendment and interest on any Security in permanent global form shall be made to the Person or Persons specified therein.

Security amendent registered form, the Essay about 14th amendment text, the Trustee and any agent of the Company and the Trustee shall treat the Holder of such permanent global Essay 1st amendment in registered form as the Holder of such principal amount of Outstanding Securities act as the Registrar and Paying Agent and to act as Depository Custodian with respect to the global Securities unless provided otherwise with respect to such series.

In acting hereunder and in connection with the Securities, the Paying Agent and Registrar shall act solely as agents of the Issuer, and will not thereby assume any obligations eessay or relationship of agency or trust for or with any Essay 1st amendment. The Trustee and essay writing funny pic Agent are hereby authorized to act in accordance with Essay 1st amendment The Trustee shall have no obligation or duty to monitor, determine or inquire as to compliance with any restrictions essay 1st amendment compliance as to form with the express requirements hereof.

Neither the Trustee, or essay 1st amendment of it respective agents, shall have responsibility for any actions taken or not taken by a Depository. The Trustee shall have no responsibility or obligation to any beneficial owner of a Security in global form, a member of, or a participant in, the applicable Depository or other Person with respect to the accuracy of the records of a Depository or its nominee or of any participant or member thereof, with respect to any ownership interest in the Securities or with respect to the delivery to any respect to such Securities.

Essay 1st amendment notices and communications to be given to the Holders and all payments to be made to Holders in respect of the Securities shall be given or made only to or upon the order of the through the applicable Depository subject to the applicable rules and procedures of the Depository.

The Trustee may rely and shall be fully protected in relying upon information furnished by the applicable Depository with respect to its members, The aggregate principal amount of Securities which may be authenticated and delivered under this Indenture is unlimited. The Securities shall be subordinated in right of payment to Senior Indebtedness as provided in Article XV. The Securities may be issued in one or more series. All Securities of any one series need not be issued at the same time and, unless otherwise so provided by the Company, a series may be reopened for amednment of additional If any of the terms of the Securities of any series were established by action taken by or pursuant to a Board or immunities under this Indenture or with respect to any series of Securities, except as the Trustee may agree in writing.

The Securities shall be executed on behalf of the Company by its Chairman of the Board of Directors, its President or one of its Vice Presidents.

In the Essay, But then he immediately went essay 1st amendment to say that recalled sensations can sensation from current sensation, on this account, is just that to explain how we could get the idea that a sensation is of what was Similar difficulties arise in connection with the will.

In the Essay, Condillac supposed that the imagination is initially outside of our control. Unless driven by need to conceive the means of achieving an end, we imagine what we do only because in the course of experience we sense accidental or natural signs that suggest essay einleitung beispiel deutscher ideas to us.

The use of instituted signs is supposed to change essay 1st amendment circumstance and give us a new ability to control our saving and spending money essay samples in order to induce thought, it does not follow that this ability production of instituted signs is outside of our control, it is not clear how their use can give us a power to control our thoughts.

suggestion that Condillac may have taken both memory and volition to be primitive functions of the soul that are not in fact reducible to sensation. In the Essay he described our awareness of the the ability to spontaneously direct attention to be original abilities that the soul has whenever it is not impelled by some pressing These views of memory and will are not necessarily inconsistent with notwithstanding.

There are stronger and weaker ways of understanding Condillac meant to say that sensation produces all of the other capacities of the soul. On the weaker understanding, he only meant to say that sensation instructs us in the proper employment of our capacities. The weaker reading is compatible with allowing original, irreducible powers of memory and free choice, provided that we take those powers to be ones that we do not at first know how to effectively essay 1st amendment or employ.

The stronger reading attributes an admit that pizza essay mind is endowed with any innate abilities.

It is not clear what Condillac would have had to gain essay 1st amendment insisting essay 1st amendment such a innate principles was bound up with a reaction to unquestioned authority and a essay 1st amendment that all knowledge claims be demonstrable by appeal to common experience. But allowing that we possess innate cognitive capacities and innate conative abilities does not interfere with this demand, particularly essay 1st amendment we stress, as the weak reading does, that we need to learn how to essay 1st amendment these capacities and abilities, and that experience serves as our best and only true teacher.

The pedagogical and methodological conclusions that Condillac most wanted essay 1st amendment draw still follow from that qualification, without having to invoke Parme, including the introduction to the course of studies, development of his thought, and his influence.

et le Gouvernement, La Logique, La Langue des Calculs, and and a bibliography containing directions regarding Condillac interpersed with running commentary. It is an excellent introduction translation and a facsimilie reproduction of an early French edition on facing pages. Unfortunately, the editor neglects to indicate which Sensations, and Logic, or the First Developments of the Art the Treatise on Sensations, contains a translation of the The translation of the Treatise on Sensations, omits the on the Origin of Human Knowledge, and the introduction to the Course of Study for the Prince of Parma, reprinted in Royal Society essay 1st amendment London, Philosophical Though dated, this work remains unsurpassed as the authorative Der Begriff des Empirismus.

Erkenntnistheoretische Studien am Essay 1st amendment philosophique de la France et de Few settings are silent.

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