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If you should, The values in the Ledger must be reckoned in one kind of money. In the explanation of the entries, you may name all sorts of money, either ducats, or lire, or Florence, or gold scudi, or anything else but in writing the amount in the column, you should always use the same kind of money throughout that is, the money that you reckon by at the beginning should be the same all through the Ledger.

The debit or credit entries of the cash account may be shortened, if you desire, by not giving the reason for the entry you may simply say from so and so, for so and so, because the reason for the entry is new account should be opened, you must use a new page and must not go back even to place the new account.

You should not write backward, but always forward If you should make an entry in the Ledger by mistake which should not have been made, as it happens cross marked which is hereby corrected, because it was put in through a mistake and should not have been made. Then mark with a cross this new entry. This is all. When the spaces given to any particular account are all filled so that no more entries can be made and you want to carry forward that account, do in this way Figure out the remainder of the said account that is, whether it is debit or credit remainder.

Now let us say that there is a credit remainder the credit which is transferred through the debit side. Now you must turn the pages and keep on turning them until you find a new page where you shall credit that example for personal essay for college by naming the account and making a new entry without putting down any day.

And you shall say in the example for personal essay for college manner what you enter on the credit side you should transfer to the debit side. Example for personal essay for college the ledger is all filled up, or old, and you want to transfer it into a new one, you proceed in the First you example for personal essay for college see whether your old book bears a mark on its cover for instance, an A.

In this case you must mark the new Ledger in which you want to transfer the old one by B. because the books of the essay on effects of terrorism society go by order, one after the other, according to the letters of the about yourself example essay papers. Then you must copy in the new Ledger all the creditors and debtors all in order just as they appear in the trial balance sheet, but make a separate account for each amount Tmti U d.

cotann dx ni ri rrouaiTi dx a ogni modo bai afare Dtbwore qlla rale njcrcanria ruuo coine Jilopra faiuo rbaia merrere jglo op to each account all the space that you thiuk you may need. And in each debit account you shall marked A, at page so and so. In this way you transfer the old Ledger into the new one. Now, in order to cancel the old book, you must cancel each account by making it balance, of which we have spoken that is, an example for personal essay for college of the old Ledger shows a credit remainder as the trial balance would thinking will not overcome fear but action will essay definition you, you shall debit this account for the same amount, saying, so much remains in the credit of this account, carried forward in the credit in the new Ledger marked B, at page so and so.

In this way you shall have closed the do for a debtor, with this difference, that while you debit an account, which may sliow a credit remainThis is all. der, you shall credit the account which may show a debit remainder. THINGS WHICH SHOULD BE ENTERED IN THE BOOKS OF THE MERCHANTS. As to all jewelry or goods which might be your own that is, that you may have got through business or that might have been left you through a will or given to you as a present, you must value them in cash aud make as many accounts as there are things aud make each debitor by saying of these entries.

But remember these entries should not be for less than ten ducats each, as small things of little value are not entered in the Ledger. Of all the real property that you might own, as liouses, lands, stores, you make 2012 uc essay topics cash debitor and estimate their value at your discretion in cash, and example for personal essay for college make creditor yourself or your personal account Example for personal essay for college you make debitor an account of that special property by giving the value, The date, the value in cash, and the reason.

you should buy merchandise or anything else for cash, you should make a debtor of that special that special example for personal essay for college, or that special friend who furnished the money.

If you should buy merchandise or anything else, partly for cash and partly on time, you shall make that special merchandise debitor, myth essay papers make a creditor of the party from whom you bought it on time and under the conditions that you might have agreed upon as, for instance, one-third in cash and the rest in six months.

After this you will have to make another entry that is, make a debitor of the party from whom you bought it for the amount of the cash that you have given him for that nader essayed thesaurus, aud make creditor cash or the bank which might have paid that much for you. If you should sell any merchandise or anything else, you should proceed as above with the exception make the merelumdise debitor, when you sell you will have to make your merchandise a creditor and charge the cash account if it is sold for cash, or charge the bank that might have promised the payment.

Example for personal essay for college

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