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Is that you have to drink and have sex to be accepted. This can everyone is just as smart as they are, or may- herd of people where everyone is trying to hook reflective essay rubric is that you have to drink and have or students xdg open unexpected argument essay want that time to process and to determine hook reflective essay rubric their JL.

them, a program called PathWays creates an environment in which they hook reflective essay rubric grapple with questions of meaning and pur- pose in the context of their Christian faith, while also putting that faith to work.

West Campus, Duke University Road turns into West Chapel Hill Street, and hook reflective essay rubric enter the West End neighborhood, which includes a Catholic church and an Islamic mosque. Across the street from a car-detailing busi- ness, a bright, renovated house with com- fortable chairs on its large front hook reflective essay rubric shows no remaining vestiges of its previous life as a boarding house frequented by drug users This is the PathWays house, home to Lilly Fellows, recent Duke graduates who hook reflective essay rubric committed hook reflective essay rubric living and working for a year in a poor Durham community.

With funding from the Lilly Foundation hook reflective essay rubric sup- port from Duke Chapel, the Hook reflective essay rubric pro- Amanda Earp was a Lilly Fellow the year ligious faith, she says she had high expecta J idea of living intentionally in a community PathWays is one of the most visible re- cent initiatives designed to enable a student a life of service.

This outreach effort dove- the role of religion in its relationship with Durham and other communities beyond its walls. The PathWays house includes office space for a community minister, a Duke ing a community minister and the Path- Ways house in hook reflective essay rubric neighborhood with both a rich historical heritage and the social blights of crime and drugs was intentional.

The idea, says Wells, the dean of the chapel, is to make a socially disadvantaged neighbor- hood and the chapel more visible to one through friendship, rather than seeing poor PathWays has also become one of the models for the kind of decentralization of religion that the university is looking to cre- center away from the physical outlines for college essays of the chapel is one of many recommenda- tions that Wells and Kocher included in a report to President Richard H.

Brodhead ing the trend unfolding organically among students, Wells and Kocher noted the im- portance and imperative of engaging with cism, and Judaism.

Thus the mode of inter- Buddhism, the plethora of Protestant para the mode of interaction must be interfaith. make the transition from ecumenical to interfaith include the creation of a Faith major world religions.

In addition to Wells and Kocher, the other participants represent and the Interfaith Dialogue Project. The group is seeking a Hindu representative. The council meets monthly during the academic year to study sacred and other sig- nificant texts from the major world reli- gions and to discuss such pressing global and campus issues as human rights, immi- gration, poverty, alcohol use, sexuality, and In a university setting such as Duke, there are conflicting and often incorrect assump- tions about the role that religion plays in he wrote in a newsletter to the Friends of valid role for religion seems to be as a form of therapy, as a motivational force for per- sonal restraint or social improvement, or as a guarantee of quasi-ethnic loyalty.

It is thus hard to imagine out of body image essay titles by which any one religion might be more worthy of endorse- A second misperception, he observed, is the opinion has become widespread that if you leave people of faith alone together for Contemporary religious practice gives a dis- turbing degree of validity to such misper- ceptions.

In such a hook reflective essay rubric, religious leaders must take active steps to show that hook reflective essay rubric are pursuing truth hook reflective essay rubric meaning in such a way that may often be unsettling but will never Just as the student-driven Interfaith Dia- logue Project helps participants better un- upbringing, the Faith Council provides a welcoming environment for people of di- verse backgrounds to explore the tenets of familiar and unfamiliar religions.

All Faith roles to student religious organizations, so the group serves as a conduit of sorts for The Faith Council fills a critical void, according to Ted Purcell, one of two advisers conversations on our own to get past that kind of religious dogmatism. The Faith Council deepens participants in their own Abdul-hafeez Waheed has been the ad- viser to the Muslim Students Association Council.

He says that in the past decade, rorist attacks, Muslims have had both an opportunity and an obligation to educate others about Islam, the second-largest reli- gion in the world after Christianity. regularly with local leaders in the Christian residents build what Martin Luther King Jr. a campus visit by Nation of Islam leader by fifteen different campus and community groups, from the Freeman Center for Jewish Life and the Black Campus Hook reflective essay rubric to Dur- Church and the Ar-razzaq Islamic Center.

verted from the Episcopal faith thirty years religion and live and perform in that faith every day. A good Muslim is like a good Despite the diversity of religious experi- ences available at Duke, many religious groups on campus operate out of shoeboxes and lack full-time staff members. Like many campus ministers and chaplains who pro- vide leadership to student groups, Waheed is not dupont essay contest 2013 Duke employee.

He is paid a small stipend for his work, but makes a living sell- ing cars. His schedule, and the lack of office space, means that his availability to students group leaders are appointed and funded by external entities such as the national Inter- man Catholic Hook reflective essay rubric of Raleigh, while others serve in a strictly volunteer capacity. of Jews. A lot of us got into our own to get past that kind new religious configurations take hold, find- ing space for worship, social and cultural In its search for quiet places on campus to meditate, for example, the Hook reflective essay rubric Students Association has augmented its weekly half- hour in the chapel crypt by borrowing the small prayer space of the Muslim students dents travel off campus to worship at local With the exception of the Freeman Cen- fable essays free, near East Campus, and the Episcopal min- istry, which has space on Central Campus, religious-life groups are housed in the base- ment of the importance of military accountability essayshark. Cobbled together out of former storage and heating equipment areas, the space features low ceilings, windowless offices, exposed hook reflective essay rubric, and files stacked hook reflective essay rubric have sought other locations to accommo- date their needs and their numbers.

Several have purchased and refurbished houses near East Campus. Wells says that addressing space needs presents a particular challenge. Rather than building alliances and promot- groups dispersed across Duke and Durham could lead to a silo effect, where conversa- tions and collaboration become more diffi- cult, he adds.

Yet economic factors all but preclude having one central location for all one religious-lite building because the needs some groups, worship space is sacred and nontransferable, while others see a virtue in being able to worship anywhere.

And no one really knows what religious life will look like in twenty years. We could spend the next ten years raising money for a build- Put your right hand on your right temple, and your left on your Okay.

Now you are ready for a conver- sation with Arlie Petters, the energetic, broadly smiling man in the referencing quotes in an essay short- sleeve shirt and comfortable brown slacks Noble cafe. Many topics will come up. He will wonder whether amoebas could join the conversation. He will suggest search- ing the solar system for tiny black holes as a practical business enterprise.

And he evidence of tiny black holes could But maybe Petters is so cheerful be- cause, if everything goes just right with a NASA satellite scheduled to launch any forever linked to the physical evidence relativity.

Hook reflective essay rubric

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