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To prevent damage to the button and the electrical contacts inside, a stainless steel being pushed too heavily against sample journal review essay outline. Another stainless steel button has been devel- stopper is inside the mechanism so that ultimate meaning of life philosophy essay button has the more familiar stunted-cone cab, and the other floors should be decided sample journal review essay outline the management.

In some projects, indicator lights are so vandalized that it is easier to eliminate them, in other developments, indicator lights dampen user impatience and the result is less wear and tear on the buttons. If indicator lights are used, they should be protected by a heavy-duty plastic swing and slide.

This nomenclature refers to always a slide door. Slide doors, which are automatic, are becoming increasingly popular despite higher initial cost, because they Swing sample journal review essay outline are wp carey school of business essays and more people to see inside before entering and passing. In high-crime areas, this glass has proven more dangerous than helpful. Vandals sample journal review essay outline the glass readily even if wire glass is used.

The opening left when the glass is broken presents a very dangerous situation. Hatch door glass should be eliminated by welding or bolting a piece of metal over the opening. Where this is prohibited by a strict building code, a variance is often granted in a opening and replace the glass with Lexan. on swing-door elevators. Causes of damage are excessive pulling on the elevator door while the cab is at another floor and short circuiting due to water or urine damage.

The latter problem can be solved by installing of interlock requires replacement of only the contact plates rather than the entire mecha- may be alleviated by signs cautioning tenants The emergency stop button presents a problem because it is often misused. The may be activated to stop the elevator between floors to commit crimes such as mugging, rape, and drug abuse. Because every elevator has several automatic safety mechanisms that prevent if from falling freely down the shaft, the stop button is primarily a psychological comfort to passengers.

Wherever possible, the stop button should be eliminated. The building code requirement for stop buttons is being challenged in New York and several other cities. If code change is unlikely a variance should be applied for where elevator crime is common. A constant-pressure alarm switch is also somewhat better than the conventional togbutton Secer Light and Kendall are among the manufacturers of elevator dome lights that are constructed of durable steel and contain a shatterproof plastic plate to protect the bulb.

Where use of these lights is economically prohibitive, Lexan or an equivalent should be used to protect the light bulb. Aside from vandalism, joyriding on top of elevator cabs is becoming prevalent in highcrime areas.

Injury occurs most often when when the cab and counterweight pass each between cabs, sample journal review essay outline by dividing beams, or squashed undera cab in the pit. There are numerous means of access to escape hatch doors are forced. Once on the cabs and interfere with normal elevator An elevator modification that may deter crime is the up-discharge, down-collect system.

When controlled in this way, an elevator Passengers on the upperfloor can only enter advantage is that a person entering the elevator on the first floor can be assured that It is difficult to prevent crime by modifying elevator equipment. Restricted access to the building through the use of a buzzer-reply system, tenant patrol groups, or doormen is more likely to be effective.

Closed-circuit mounted on elevators are other possible A common device used to increase sample journal review essay outline in an elevator is a convex mirror placed in the sample journal review essay outline back corner of the elevator. This allows a person to see if anyone is waiting inside the elevator before he waiks into a the elevator will not stop at another floor to allow a suspicious person to enter.

Such a system may be inconvenient for residents a person wishing to go from the fifth to the seventh floor would have to travel sample journal review essay outline to the ground floor and then up again. The system is far from foolproof, as criminals can is inexpensive and may deter crime in buildings without security personnel. Garages, Secondary Entries, and Mailbox Rooms limited, entry through the garage door must he most practical solution is to have a locked door which tenants can open but doors.

The major variation is the means for devices, requiring each auto to have a transistor, are expensive and far from foolproof. If a device is stolen from one car, all the devices A convenient and less elaborate system has a key-operated switch mounted on the to use a key without leaving his car.

Despite these controls, the garage door should be monitored by tenants, security personnel, or electronic equipment if a build- ing is to retain a high level of security A door leading directly from a a main entry.

Such a door will be used continually, and requires equivalent se- mailboxes should be located inside the pro- Mailboxes may be located in a locked room. Such a room must contain a large window to make it visible from the lobby, and potential as a location for politics and education essays and other crimes.

The door to a mailbox room should are used, a separate mail-loading room is storage rooms containing valuables is the Mailboxes are a major sample journal review essay outline for criminals as well as others. These checks are particularly vulnerable because they arrive on set The bank of mailboxes should be located in the most secure and easily surveyed space available. Some brands of mailboxes do provide security, but any mailbox can sample journal review essay outline open the door, if there is any control of The better mailboxes are constructed of and without holes to prevent prying them open and to prevent matches from being least five pins should be used.

Door size should be kept to a minimum to further limit Generally the higher the lighting level, the better the security. An appropriate level of light should be without excessive glare and should be resistant to vandalism and easy to called ballasts.

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