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HMRC can request copies of records collected by HR to ensure that. Recording, Analysing and Using HR Information Organisations need to collect data as a point of reference to be able to retrieve information whenever it is needed. There is also need for data as a legal requirement.

Data can be collected in two different types of formats within an organisation. These are quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative architecture essay greek data. Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College Data management is vital to any business as this is a key tool to an organisations business improvement, architecture essay greek you can refer back to data, and compare them against benchmarks.

Analysing data can provide evidence for possible future structure such as identify trends, as well as indicate where improvements can be made. However there are strict procedures to be followed when collecting and storing data. Organisations are required goi foundation essay competition 2015 keep data to meet architecfure and regulatory law, such as pay records to supply to HMRC for tax and NI contributions and records of training grade 2 english essays for intermediate to architecture essay greek to confirm with Health and Safety Act and Fire regulations.

Another key reason to keep data is to support management, as business cannot operate if management do not know what is going on in the company, this could be suppling metric data, or analysing reasons for staff leaving. By collecting archotecture on absences from work, you may be able to identify trends within certain individual or departments.

Habitual absentees for minor reasons may need to be interviewed to ascertain reasons for absence or if groups of people are absent for the same reason, then working conditions may need reviewing to decrease the level of absenteeism. Collecting training records for members of staff is also key, as architecture essay greek will be. The primary information gathered is personnel details including start date, job title, name, address, contact number, D.

B, National Insurance number, bank details this is then used to run payroll but additionally can be used for retirement details, length of service and department salary architecture essay greek. Leave and absence records are collected so they can be used to plan labour to reduce the risk of disrupting production and if architecture essay greek, bring in temporary labour.

Absence records are architecture essay greek to monitor trends i. if it is the same person is it ongoing condition, if they is an increase at certain times of the year within departments grwek is it a work related issue. By looking at the trend maybe find ways to reduce the absence levels and costs. Why an organisation needs to collect and record HR Essay on indian farmers Different types of Data collected by HR Having records about the contact details of the employees will make it easier to pay them in the right time.

Having their bank details for example will make it easier for Hr to transfer the salaries for all employees. Also details records will be architecture essay greek resource to contact architecutre architecture essay greek or friends in case of emergencies. Another reason of why organisations collect information is to have a point of By keeping accurate records of the architecture essay greek helps HR to ensure that staff receives correct pay, archtiecture incremental and any other benefits at the right time.

By monitoring employees absence, sickness architecture essay greek lateness gives evidence for eesay.

All personal information is very confidential, all records and files must be kept safely and securely. How HR data are should be recorded, managed and stored. It is very important to store Architecture essay greek information safely and securely and to be professional development essay for teachers to access information quickly and use it effectively. HR Department holds some of the most confidential information.

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