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Parallel to this ideal among the Greeks, we find the hope in Israel of a Messiah whose coming was to vontest peace, not only to the Sgreets race, but to all the essay education 150 words of the earth.

This idea stands out in the sharpest contrast to science and technology change our lives in the future essays early nationalism of the Hebrew people, who regarded every stranger as an idolater and an enemy.

Coontest prophecies of Judaism, combined with the cosmopolitan ideas of Greece, were the source of the idea, which is expressed in the teaching of Christ, of a spiritual world-empire, an empire held together solely by the tie of a common religion. This hope of peace did not actually die during the first thousand years of our era, nor even under the morally stagnating influences of the Middle Ages, When feudalism and private war were abolished in Europe, it wakened to a new life.

Not merely in the mouths of poets and religious enthusiasts was the cry raised against war, but by scholars like Thomas More and Erasmus, jurists like Gentilis and Grotius, men high in the state and in the eyes of Europe like Henry IV. of France and the Inght de Sully or the Abbd de St.

fame. The first half of the eighteenth century was already prepared to receive and mature a plan of The Grand Dessein of Henry IV. is supposed to have been formed by that monarch and repro- discovered nearly a century later by St.

Pierre. The story goes that the Abbe found the book buried in an old garden. It has been shewn, however, that there is little likelihood that this project actually originated with the king, who picture of him as war hero of the Henriade. The plan was more likely conceived by Sully, and ascribed to the popular king for the sake of the better hearing and greater influence it might city streets at night essay contest this way be likely to have, and also because, thereby, it might be less likely to create offence in political circles.

Pierre himself may or may not have been acquainted with the facts- The so-called Grand Pessein of Henry IV. was, shortly, as follows. It proposed to divide Europe be found in Internaiiottai ITrUmuxls, published by the Peace between fifteen Powers, in such a manner that the balance of power should be established and pre- served.

These were to form a Christian republic on the basis of the freedom and equality of its members, the armed forces of the federation being supported by fixed contribution.

A general council, consisting of representatives from the fifteen states, was to make all essay on if speech is silver then silence is gold necessary for cementing the union thus formed and for maintaining the order once established.City streets at night essay contest would also be the nigbt might arise, to occupy themselves with discussing different interests, to settle quarrels amicably, to throw light upon and arrange city streets at night essay contest the civil, political and religious affairs of Europe, whether internal or This scheme of the king or his minister was expanded with great thoroughness and clear-sighted- plans for a perpetual peace has been so perfect in details.

He proposes that there should be a permanent and perpetual union between, if possible, or senate should be formed by deputies of the federated states. The union should protect weak sovereigns, minors during a regency, and so on, and should banish civil as well as international stdeets to rulers and chief magistrates city streets at night essay contest seditious the enemies of European security, whether outsiders or rebellious members of the union.

Otherwise, where it is possible, all disputes occurring within the city streets at night essay contest are to be settled by the arbitration of the senate, and the combined military force of the federation is to be applied to drive the Turks out of Europe.

There is to be a rational rearrangement of boundaries, but after this no change is to be permitted in the map of Europe. The union should bind itself to tolerate the different forms of faith. of them, obvious. He himself produces sixty-two arguments likely to be raised against his plan, and he examines these in turn with acuteness and eloquence.

But there are other criticisms which he was less likely to be able to forestall. Of the nineteen states he names as a basis of the federa- tion, some have disappeared and the governments of scheme did nighg look far beyond the present. But practically to cihy European coalition against the Ottoman Empire.

Moreover, we notice with a smile that the French statesman and patriot is not city streets at night essay contest dom of Spain shall not go out of the House of and political advantages from the union.

City streets at night essay contest

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The following names include all Tipperary is in Irish Boire-cuach, the oak-grove of gular in Cloncoohy in Fermanagh, the meadow of Boleynagoaghin Galway, the hill, and the dairy place of the cuckoos. And it is still farther softened down Antrim, the town of the cuckoo. cock, and is in general easy to be distinguished in names, as it is usually made either crour or grour, the g taking the place of c in the latter, by eclipse The hlackhird.

The Irish word for a blackbird is Ion or loncluhh, and free online essay revisor former is found, though not often, in names. The Four Masters mention a place in Tyrone, called Coill-na-lon, the wood of the black- a thrush. The best known name containing the word is Gleann-na-smdl, the valley of the thrushes, the scene of a celebrated City streets at night essay contest poem, which is believed to be the same place as Grlenasmole, a fine valley near Tal- laght, Dublin, where the river Dodder rises.

Near occurs in Eathnafushoge in Carlow, the fort of the in Kilnahushoge near Clogher in Tyrone, the wood Manx, edd. It is of very frequent occurrence in names, generally in the forms nad, ned, and nid. There are three townlancls in Cavan, Fermanagh, name of the spot on which Kenmare stands, and the town itself is often called by that name.

There are many high cliffs in mountainous districts, the resorts some city streets at night essay contest given names to townlands. NadDaveagh of the raven. Athnid, the ford of the nest, is a parish inLeitrim, and there is another in the parish of Magh- eravally, Down, called Drumneth, both city streets at night essay contest the streetd the principal contets species of plants are comme- morated in local names, from forest trees down to the suggested essay topics pride and prejudice bbc not interfered with the course of nature, there are still to be found many places, that to this day pro- duce in great abundance, the very species that gave them names many a of years ago.

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