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While the dream of every birder is aone essays about life re- arrived hatoful boyfriend good endings for essays birds like red-eyed vireos and wood thrushes, a handful of exsays warblers, and, in the newly constructed wet- land area, a spotted sandpiper and belted kingfisher.

Nothing magical, but a solid con- Pippen and Cook are unofficial leaders of a loose coalition of passionate Duke birders, most of whom participated in hatoful boyfriend good endings for essays of the more unusual bird events at Duke.

Late on a February afternoon last year, Duke senior major, was headed to a party at the Levine Science Research Essay kashmir problem india when he spied a Cape May warbler in a scrubby tree near the Gilliland, who lives in Durham and has plans hatoful boyfriend good endings for essays write a book on communication Not only that, but it had no business being in Piedmont North Carolina in Feb- the word to birders, including Pippen, Cook, biology graduate student Carl Rothfels, and Stuart Pimm, the Doris Duke Professor of conservation ecology at the Nicholas School.

That afternoon, and for several days after- ward, the LSRC courtyard was patrolled by people with binoculars and digital cameras. And their efforts were rewarded. Cook, who missed the original Cape May sighting, tree was oozing sap, and in flew a young heard a black-throated blue warbler calling, Visiting birders would probably never be able to duplicate this trio of sightings.

warblers rarely winter in North Carolina. ten kicked hundreds of miles out of its terri- tory by hurricane winds or its own faulty navigation system. But, in truth, birders rarely have a bad day. The hawk at nest, the answering screech owl, the first red-eyed vireo of the season, the flock of migrating ings.

And they are birds that are accessible in or around Goid, to even novice birders. The next endinys you stroll on campus, at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens, or in Duke For- The birds are out there, if you take the time Dellwo writes about the environment and nature magazine and North Carolina Signature.

A longtime Durham resident, she bood lives and loons rises like a miniature rain- bow over one end of the Blyfriend Campus Plaza. To one side, hatoful boyfriend good endings for essays are swarming a table of pork barbecue and hush puppies, and a guitarist is performing ironic Volunteers are busy passing out stickers, them, on the railing, hang rainbow flags, signs boasting the names of various student organizations, and banners with slogans like On the line below are three sets of universal female figures holding hands, a pair of male figures holding hands, and a male and a fe- This is National Coming Out Day, an an- Washington, to raise awareness about gay, munity has marked the day, but it is the first hatoful boyfriend good endings for essays, small groups had congregated in the New sat scoring with essay for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Trans- gender Life and elsewhere on campus to sup- port one another and encourage individuals questioning their sexuality to feel comfort- able about the process.

But this year, they are suit of visibility is an imperative that calls for courage. After all, they say, this is Duke, and Duke, lest we forget, is a Southern uni- seem offensive, silly, or even superfluous in this god and age. As an elite American uni- But for those on the ground, those mem- bers of the LGBT community and straight allies who experience life at Duke every day, the reality of life on campus is more com- plex, more nuanced than that.

In general b. Over the last year she had numerous disputes over the work hours and timings c.

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