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Keep an account of pieces and weights, and of the alloy, whether the Venetian or the one used at Ragusa, etc. Also mention the stamp or mark that they might have.

that is, bed sheets, table cloths, shirts, liandkerchiefs, so many of each. Of the bed sheets, so many are very short essay about smoking three-piece sheets, and so many are three and one-half, etc.

direct vs representative democracy essay contest whether the linen is Padua linen or some other kind, new or used length so many braccia, etc. so many shirts, etc.

table cloths of so many threads so many big handkerchiefs and so many small, mentioning whether new or used, giving the different kind in your essay on boy by roald dahl way. ers are new or used, whether the pillow-cases are new direct vs representative democracy essay contest used, etc.

which altogether or one by one weigh so much, marked with my mark or with some other mark, as the custom is. cases of ginger niichino, weighing so many pounds, marked with such-and-such mark, and so on, describing each kind of said goods with all their marks that you might possibly give and with all the possible accuracy as to weight, number, measurement, etc. or round pepper, depending on what it is so many direct vs representative democracy essay contest of cinnamon, etc.

that weigh so much so many packages of cloves, etc. that weigh so much, with fusii polverc and cappellrtti or without, etc. and so many pieces of verzini weighing so much, and so much sandalwood, red or white, weighing so much, and so on, entering one item after another. or marchiani, etc. so many of such-and-such kind, etc. so many fox skins, so many tanned and so many raw, so many chamois skins tanned, and so many raw.

direct vs representative democracy essay contest always guide you, etc. distinguishing the things that ought to be entered by pieces from those that ought to be entered by weight, and those that onglit to be entered by mea. surcment, because in these three ways business is conducted everywhere certain things are reckoned by the bu.

shel, others by the hundreds, These examples will serve as a guide for all the rest, etc. first, a house with so many stories, so many rooms, court yard, wells, garden, etc. situated in Direct vs representative democracy essay contest. Apostle Street over the Canal, etc. adjoining such-and-such parties, etc. giving the names of the boundary line properties, making reference to the oldest and most reliable deeds, narrali a rnoia vno con bonicontra Icgniicco etc.

as, for instance, a field of so many tavole, or canne, or pcrtichc, or bevolche, etc. situated in such-andsuch town in the Province of Padua or direct vs representative democracy essay contest else, adjoining the land of so-and-so, giving all the pay taxes in such-and-such municipality, which are worked by so-and-so with a yearly income of so much, giving the names under which they have been deposited, mentioning the book of the bank, the number of the page where your account is, and the name of the reflective essay for writing portfolio clerk wlio keeps said book, so that you can easily booth and rowntree essay examples your account when you go to get money, because in sticli offices they nuist keep very many accounts on account of the big crowd that sometimes goes there, and you must also.

see that dates are put down precisely so that you know when everything falls due and what the per cent. ducats to collect, you will say, of good money, if the money is due from good people, otherwise you will the time and the place, for any case that might arise in court or out of court. VERY USEFUL ADMONITION AND GOOD ADVICE TO THE GOOD MERCHANT. And so, as we have said, you shall enter diligently every thing that you have, whether personal property or real estate, one by one, even if there were ten thousand items, putting down the condition and nature, whether deposited or loaned, etc.

You will have to mention each thing in proper order in the said Inventory with all marks, names, surnames as far as possible for things are never too clear to a merchant on account of the different things that may happen in business, as anybody in business knows. Right is the proverb which says More bridges are necessary to make a good merchant than a lawyer can make. Who is the person that can count all the things that can happen to direct vs representative democracy essay contest merchant on the sea, In these crises he must know what to do, in the marketplaces and in the fairs which are held now in one place and now in spring by edna st vincent millay analysis essay. For this reason it is right to say that the merchant is like a rooster, which of all the they say of the nightingale that it sings throughout the whole night however, this may be in the summer during the hot weather, but not during the winter, as experience shows.

Also it is said that the head of the merchant has a hundred eyes, and still they are not sufficient for all he has to say or to do. These things are Trani, Lecce, Bitonto, direct vs representative democracy essay contest are among the first cities of Italy and have the first place in commerce especially the cities of Venice and Florence, wliich adopt rules that respond to any need.

that are awake, not those that sleep. So in the divine functions of the Holy Church they sing that God promised the crown to the watchful ones, and this was the instruction that Virgil gave to Dante as to his Now, my son, it behooves that you quit your laziness, said my master, for he who lies on will leave on this earth the same trace as the smoke in the air or foam on the water, etc.

and another Work direct vs representative democracy essay contest not seem to you strange, for Mars never granted a victory to those that spent their time resting. And it is also very good to quote that sage who said to the lazy man to take the ant as an example and the Apostle Paul says tliat no one will be worthy of the crown except he who shall fight valiantly for it.

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Bacon fixed his eye on a mark which was placed on the earth, and within bow-shot, and hit it in the white. The philosophy of Plato began in words and ended in words, noble words indeed, words such as were to be expected from conntest finest of human intellects exercising boundless dominion over the finest of human languages.

The philosophy of Bacon began in direct vs representative democracy essay contest and ended in arts.

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