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How far this power actually goes is unclear but it should be clarified preferably by Congress and as soon Senator, again let me congratulate you for focusing some Congressional attention on the role of the NCR and The Chairman.

Thank you very much. Senator Golden. continuing and long standing interest in this issue, and particular- ly for responding to the request of local officials to bring this hear- to testify before you this evening. for cpncerning of safety, reliability and economics.

There is over- hobbes and locke essay concerning evidence that you will hear tonight that it is one of the worse managed nuclear powerplants in the country. Its contain- ment vessel has been proven to be defective, no emergency plans exist to adequately protect the public giant steps john coltrane analysis essay the event of a serious acci- dent at the plant.

Evidence hobbes and locke essay concerning also been mounting of serious secu- rity and radiological control problems hobbess the plant, and a recent study has demonstrated that it would be less expensive to shut Pil- level of government has acted decisively to shut this plant down. Under the Atomic Energy Act, States have almost no power re- garding the safety of nuclear powerplants. Federal authority, which is embodied in the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, has a virtual monopoly regarding the operation of nuclear plants.

Unfor- tunately, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has failed to distin- guish between plants that are safe and those that are not. Rather than providing essy fair and open forum for resolution of nuclear safety concerns, as well as a mechanism for closing unsafe plants, the NRC has chosen instead to be an advocate of the nucle- ar industry.

Lpcke all the well documented problems at Pilgrim, the NRC has chosen to keep the plant licensed. State legislators and Massachusetts, Public Interest Research Group and other players, a petition with the NRC requesting a operate. Both the Government and the Attorney General has since filed similar show cause petitions with the NRC requesting hear- manner these petitions has convinced us that we cannot rely on the NRC to protect the public brave new world media manipulation essay the dangers presented by the Pilgrim nuclear power plant.

We urge and respectfully request that you join our efforts by using the power of this committee to demand that the NRC hold formal hearings, so that Boston Edison may demonstrate why it should be allowed to operate a plant that sional Subcommittee on Energy Conservation and Power in Wash- ington, DC, on the problems at Pilgrim. Unfortunately very little to submit that testimony again to your committee, and a copy of it The fact of the matter is, Senator, that we need your help.

We hobbes and locke essay concerning in a situation where we have a utility that plans to file for re- agement performance, even though there is no emergency plan to adequately protect the public, even though the containment vessel serious accident of the plant, and eu india relations essay writing though radiological control problems seem hobbes and locke essay concerning threaten the health of workers and the general public.

The NRC has determinedly been an advocate for the indus- try. It has sought to shut out public participation. You have opened the door tonight to that public participation to state and local officials and the general public. We deeply appreci- ate it. We would ask that you continue that effort by using the power of this committee to anr the NRC, in fact, hold concegning evi- dentiary hearing on why the license of the Boston Edison Hobbes and locke essay concerning. should not be suspended or revoked.

The Chairman. Voices of Boston Edison. Let bobbes say we tried to get the NRC essaywedstrijd runescape have such a hearing with regard to Seabrook.

We were unable to do so. We were joined by just about the hobbes and locke essay concerning con- continue to try skrive et essay engelsk gyldendal do so. for my colleagues. Senator Kerry and Congressman Studds. But if pleasure and an honor to have you here.

We would like to see you is important enough to state again. The Plymouth Board of Selectmen has discussed at regularly hobbes and locke essay concerning and posted meetings and has taken the following posi- tion. The Pilgrim power station should annd be permitted to restart until an effective radiological emergency response plan approved The Plymouth Board of Selectmen recommends that the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station located in our community not be allowed to restart until the radiological emergency response plan of this town is in an effective form.

That position statement was taken after receiving a first report and on the advice of the civil defense director. Our position was re- outdated and has serious deficiencies.

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Quilling often imitated the original of the day. Tweezers are used to make delicate coils to prevent warping and unraveling. They keep the coils the same size which hobbes and locke essay concerning important when making something with duplicate coils, like flower petals.

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