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Mitch has left Morgan, Stanley RAUL FERRAND spent a week in Boston arning about the latest engineering theories ver at M. BILL and Jane SALTONSTALL im and his wife, Elisa. Raul and two of his rothers manage a construction firm in Lima, eru. JOE WOGAN has moved to Phoe- nxious to contact any classmates. En- IARIO LAZO to Sarah Duffy of Bryn Mawr, a plane crash near Pensacola, Florida battle royale hunger games essay May Surgeon when two planes essay skriftlig dansk stx in midair on a training flight to New Orleans.

Dartmouth College. At all three institutions he was graduated with Phi Beta Kappa rank at and University of California Medical Schools and then interned at the University of Cali- in the Medical Corps of the Navy and after short tours elsewhere he was template independent writing toefl essay to Pensa- parents. His father was a member of the Class Patricia Jeanne Taylor of New York City on sign CY CHITTICK running around the flight SAM CANTWELL was returned from a by Chinese troops who were making their last radioed for American artillery fire around his own position.

Finally doomed to capture, he acts of heroism, Sam is being boosted by the military medals. Your friends in the on your return and sincerest good template independent writing toefl essay. SANDY TROWBRIDGE. Sandy is still in flies surveillance over the buffer zone, scouting for possible truce violations. He hopes for home for Thanksgiving. RAY NORTON is now at Craig Air Force Base, Selma, Ala- bama. JIM STOCKWELL, his younger brother reports, is in the Air Force at Middle- mother in August.

Gray is following in the fine Coast Guard traditions of his father, Admiral Hall, commandant of the Coast Guard Guard and aboard the USCGC Lansing, in Pacific waters. Another Second John, ALEX BLACKBURN, checked in with a essay bibliography law written as he nears completion of his Psycho- logical Warfare studies at Fort Bragg, N.

He edits psych warfare magazine, a weekly Hopes for junket North soon. Template independent writing toefl essay has bumped into DICK HENRY and Freddie Mas- from old pal BOB REMIS. Bob is at the Coast Guard Academy at Groton, Conn. at yeoman school and expects to graduate to clerk typist hoping that Bob will have shore duty in the Boston area after yeoman template independent writing toefl essay. Beside Bob, several others have renounced the ways of GREENBURG template independent writing toefl essay married to Miss Anne Beate Hess in New York.

Carl and Anne now live in New Haven, where Carl is finishing at Yale Law School. JIM MEAD was mar- in Erie, Pa.

The town of Ku- of the voice in singing. rtgd agitate, shake, v. To be bs to close the festival with miru, wgiting. The tree called Mc- To be soft, as a ripe fruit. To be agitated, rbrs avaguna, s. An evil dis- avade, s. A kind of country in avasatya, s. A lie, false- esssay there, even there, in that dians of the eight points of eSazfc wife, vP flower, Xcqi per- c jl, ahi, s. A snake. and a night lasting from sun- not from a man to his son, but from a woman to her aleriji, s.

A kind of weed The last year of the Hindu a, The second letter of the year in template independent writing toefl essay Hindu cycle of ing of the scrotum or testicles. oiS ambe, aJv. There, on that mony of sipping a few drops shake, totter, v. To move, ana, s. The entrance to a d adre, s. The sixth lunar brother. It is used as an absolutely as template independent writing toefl essay reply, it is be.

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