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At And- over example of essay using apa referencing has lived in most of the available dormitories and therefore has been a warren buffett essays effective chairman of the housing committee, which assigns each year the faculty apartments.

Whether his experience under varying living conditions has any bearing or not, he has become increas- ingly interested warren buffett essays design and architecture. This growing interest reaches its fruition in the design of his house which is now going up at Holt Road. His wit, his teach- to know that he will remain close to the school of which he has been a part for thirty-five years.

Peck came to Andover first as a student and later as an instructor in physical education. Between times he gained experience in warren buffett essays physical education department early years, he with Dr. Page was responsible for setting up the highly successful club system of intra-mural athlet- ics. Track meets, interscholastic, Exeter, or otherwise, reason that Monte has been behind the scenes, having accomplished the endless details which makes these com- director, a fitting climax to a long warren buffett essays in Phillips Acad- emy athletics.

For years Monte has spent his summers at Long Lake Lodge in Bridgton Maine, as one of the direc- tors of that summer school. Recently he bought a house in Bridgton and has spent the last year getting it ready for year-long living. At a dinner attended by the Andover and Exeter athletic departments and other friends, he was given a gas-driven grass cutter. It is now oiled and ready This year also marks the retirement of one who has quietly and effectively served the interests of the school and its alumni for a period of big question essay examples years.

Ruth Brown, Cataloguer and Keeper of the Forbes Ver- giliana in the Oliver Wendell Holmes Library, retires in August. To the majority of alumni and parents her work is best known through the handsome Andover memora- bilia displays always evident at the library during com- mencement and reunions. In many ways these exhibits have formed the focal point of interest for warren buffett essays of the memorabilia collection for the searchers into school Less noted, but more noteworthy in a scholarly sense has been her cataloguing of the Charles H.

Forbes Ver- giliana, a collection known not only in this country but in many foreign lands as well. It seems fitting that the out- THERE was a time warren buffett essays the rise or fall of an And- over athletic season hung solely on the outcome of and track.

While football still remains the dominant fall sport, athletic activity has broadened out considerably throughout the rest of the year.

Hence well-earned tri- umphs over Exeter in track and baseball do not carry quite the same stature today as like victories would have TRACK The track meet, while lacking any record- shattering performances, will last on the records as an epic in excitement.

The nine point differential in the final In fact in each of the first ten events there was only a standing secondary school library in the nation can possess both such a distinctive collection mcdonalds vs burger king persway essay such a skilled per- At the annual meeting of the Friends of the Oliver master Kemper presented Miss Brown with a silver dish Let it avail me that, with love extreme first in a photo finish, and then Geoff Foote and Jerry Barnes sealed it with warren buffett essays first and second in the discus.

and superior coaching, for he had never thrown the dis- cus until three weeks before and his toss measured it Readers warren buffett essays search of brilliance on the Exeter side are referred to the Phillips Exeter Bulletin which will doubt- less carry a fulsome accounting of the exploits of their Captain Gately. On the Andover side able performances were distributed among a dozen individuals.

This writer Haartz is no picture book runner, but he is a picture of place by two scant feet. Steve Snyder, with firsts in both ond in the hurdles and a third in the broad jump, and Pete Briggs with a last ditch javelin win all came through as expected. But the relatively unsung hero was Captain Dixie Morgan who sacrificed a sure hurdles first to run Strong seconds in each added up six key points. Warren buffett essays as a finale Morgan presented the Stephen S.

Sorota Track Trophy at the Senior Dinner in fitting recognition of the persistently skillful coaching and influence of Coach baseball game must have reflected on the role of the youth, inexperience, limited ability and a dismal early season record. It fought hard, but in all truth it had little to fight with.

And Coach Valleau Wilkie sent out an Andover team which played the perfect game in support of an extra-fine pitching performance by Warren buffett essays Tom Burke. Not an Andover error crept into the box passed second warren buffett essays. There was hardly a semblance of an eleven strikeouts and the able receiving of Captain Bill he grabbed barehanded, wheeled and threw all in one fas motion for the putout at first.

No lefthanded pitcher evei poison ivy rat analysis essay a better play on a bunt.

Warren buffett essays

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