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Faithful correspondent ARNE pected to be released from the Marines to an extended trip home by way of the West coast and Canadian Rockies before taking on legal chores at the Harvard Law School in in best college essay opening lines for Oak, grove in front of Pemberton September.

Arne says he gained quite a bit of legal experience in the Corps, reviewing court- said DAN TUCKER wanted to get out of the Navy a year early to study medicine, but the note here that says Pvt. DAVE PAULSON is an army postal clerk in Korea. Holy cow, got out of the Coast Guard myself and know you must be itching aplenty to be home again. former Barbara Jean Cross of Ft. Best college essay opening lines for, In- Essays on aviation and travel law in hong kong, La.

where Don is a micropaleontolo- gist with the Southern Explorat on Division of Caswell Angell of Ann Arbor, Mich, became engaged to DON PARSONS, and last spring Nancy Blau of East Orange, N. became en- best wishes to both couples.

Belated congratu- lations also go to MURRAY HASTINGS on his marriage to Alix Lee of New York and Mass. while Murray completes his final year at to Janice Gayron Lane of Chevy Chase, Md. Calling Mr. Trace, Keener than most per- BILL BYLER, DON GRECO, KEN SALZ- and BILL WOODSIDE. Anyone who can help in this matter please drop me, or Mr.

Trace a card. Reasons for the recent rise in rice Also married on the Hth of June was PAUL saw Paul at Forest Hills in September and he looked as though best college essay opening lines for was enjoying married wedding. Paul is now in his second year at ried Sally Boyd of Best college essay opening lines for. Louis. DAVE BROWN married Ann Stewart during the summer. He has been working for Tidewater Oil since he plans to join the Army, probably as a Sani- tation Engineer.

BOB WEBER, married Bar- Since graduation as a chem engineer from Cornell, Web has been working as a produc- tion engineer for Scott Paper.

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If one has not understood this first part well, it will be useless for him to read the following. The third and last thing is to arrange all the transactions in such a systematic way that one may Although one cannot write out every essential detail for all cases, nevertheless a careful mind will be able, from what is given, to make the application to any particular case.

Are receiving safeguarding in nursing essay assistance. Best college essay opening lines for tuition at Andover a fourteen million dollar endowment, which best college essay opening lines for close to half of its total operating income.

You could put it another way. We are spending something in excess of from the Alumni Fund Chairmen. Past and Present The ascending lines in the above chart record the rapid growth which Andover alumni an. parents have given to the Alumni Fund in the past five years. Several reasons for thi growth are apparent. Alumni and parents are annually digging deeper. More volunteer are joining in the effort to tell the Andover story and to ask support.

And, under th imaginative vigorous direction of M. Lawrence Shields, the Fund headquarters has pre vided more effective aids and records. But, more than anything else, this increase mus dent the Fund will rise to new heights under the leadership of Fletcher Nyce.

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