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FEMA and NRC recommend including emergency infor- mation In the phone book and with utility bills, as well as posting notices orange posters. In buckden school sports day essay Plymouth area, by contrast, a pair of emergency pamphlets is the only method for informing the public about a nuclear emergency. Beyond the general Inadequacy of this situation, some seasonal residents are utterly without Information.

FEMA considers this has opposed any efforts to educate the tourists for fear of scaring Even if the two pamphlets, prepared by the DPH and Civil Defense Agency, were universally distributed and exemplary, they would be insufficient to educate the public.

In fact, though, they are neither. still had them available. Emergency authorities have made no effort to ascertain how many pamphlets were received or how little their contents their radio or TV to an Ford fellowship predoctoral essays on the great Broadcast system station when they As regards the contents of the brochures, serious deficiencies understates the hazards of radiation releases from buckden school sports day essay. The effect is to reinforce the inclination of many people to ignore evacuation released from a major meltdown could cause death.

If ordered to evacuate, nursing buckden school sports day essay residents because transportation will be provided for them. residents without basements. There are no Instructions on ad hoc adequate preparation can be made collaborative conversations sentence starters for persuasive essays assistance provided. Do not call ation on buckden school sports day essay procedures for the disabled.

The MASSPIRG survey for evacuation assistance yet. That means when an accident happens, everyone needing transportation assistance will be trying to call the civil defense office at the same time everyone else in town is trying civil defense director. The phone nunijer listed for Carver Civil Defense is the number for reporting burglaries at the police station, and the first forwarding number provided for the civil defense director turned This is especially important in North Plymouth and other neighborhoods In the areas buckden school sports day essay contain large Italian and Portugese communities.

The Emergency pamphlet, however. Is published only in English. estimates of the probability and consequences of serious laeltdowns to Impress upon the public the importance of following official instructiona provide realistic and consistent emergency response plans. included on maps in all emergency information materials. should be compiled by civil defense officials, and practical plana for their evacuation should be developed. Practical plans for evacuating the physically disabled, school children, nursing home residents, hospital access to cars should all be clearly spelled out in all emargency information directors should be Included in all emergency information materials.

public service announcements and a speakerNLs bureau to educate all residents of the EPZ should be implemented to supplement the pamphlet. This program should include an evaluation component to confirm that the public is to tourists through distribution of Emergency Pamphlets, large posters, restaurants and other public facilities in the EPZ.

Information so that they were prepared to react properly in an emergency, it example essay chicago style citation still be necessary to provide immediate and comprehensive no- tification as soon as trouble was detected.

Federal authorities estimate that a nuclear accident could release substantial amounts of radioactivity people living in the vicinity of the Pilgrim plant are endangered due Under current plans, the scheduled chain of emergency responses is the greatest investment in convincing people that nuclear power is safe, the state police that something has gone wrong.

An incentive exists for malfunction and then report that everything is under control. Indeed, within the past year alone, the NRC discovered three notification viola- problems which developed during reactor deration. While two NRC Inspectors are assigned to oversee operations at Pilgrim, they are on duty for buckden school sports day essay about half of the operating hours.

The NRC now requires a system capable of notifying the public Buckden school sports day essay the to refer only to people living within five miles of the site, with those current siren warning system in and around Plymouth meets neither of these specifications. This is demonstrated, first, by admissions from ing people within five miles were notified and to provide back-up notifi- some people living between five and ten miles from the reactor would not hear a siren.

In effect, the very design of the siren system now in use moreover, that the test was conducted on a warm summer day, buckden school sports day essay observers households within the EPZ would not be alerted by the fixed siren signal were confirmed by nearly half of the MASSFIRG survey respondents for both In addition, the observers reported several unsolicited complaints from residents that the sirens were often activating accidentally.

The Two-thirds of these people had heard at least three and ISZ heard more than respondents said if they heard the siren again, they would assume It was accidentally activated and Ignore it.

We also were asked buckden school sports day essay following To determine whether a buckden school sports day essay was a false alarm, nearly one-third poll,ce or fire department.

The fact that no one will be able to get a call through has already been demonstrated. The superintendent of Finally, back-up vehicles with loudspeakers are supposed to go Federal guidelines also call for civil defense officials to notify be instructed to turn to an EBS station which, in turn, would provide claasified as serious enough to warrant notification of EBS stations, but Rumors about the severity of the accident spread as a result, and many citizens were understandably upset.

Even during the buckden school sports day essay emergency drill last year, officials failed to notify one of the EBS there are probably at least one hundred deaf people and another thousand who would be unable to hear the warning sirens, let alone sandeep unnikrishnan essay format announce- provided for hearing-impaired persons on area EBS television broadcasts have been compiled, and no plan exists to notify the hearing-impaired of Che EPZ with windows closed.

EPZ, with a procedure developed to confirm that the sirens are in IV. FVACUATION PLANS, SHELTERING, AND OTHER PREPARATIONS In the event of an multi genre essay ideas release of radiation, officials must decide promptly whether to order evacuation or sheltering of the public downwind from the reactor.

Evacuation Is the preferred protective action because it prevents any radioactive exposure. Since cars provide very little shielding against radiation, however, sheltering in basements or large buildings provides greater protection from radiation exposure if there were insufficient time to evacuate before the radioactive cloud If an order to evacuate is given with insufficient time to clear the area, thousands of people could be trapped in bumper-to-bumper traffic and irradiated as they are overtaken by the radioactive cloud.

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