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KONRAD, Konrath, Conrad, a counselor, a person who gives advice, one who is consulted by a client in a law case F. not certainly know. The introduction of it into Germany is historic- ally known.

Kilian was an Irish bishop, and an apostle or missionary. Fsu self critical essays by eleven others, he title opinion essay to the continent, and by his zealous, evangelical preaching in Germany, he persuaded Gozbert, governor of the city of Wurtzberg, and many others to embrace erected in Wurtzburg, in the eighth century, is called St.

Kilian. He Kunibert, Suidbert, Wigbert, Sturmio, Magnoald, Theodor Kempten, cr fflojbert, Stattbalter on SBurjburg, unt tiele Slntere babin, bent keen, penetrating, and rath, consultation, advice, counsel LAURENT US, Lorentz, Laurence, Lawrence, one that has been crowned, or laureated by way of eminence, or distinc- reatus, crowned with laurel, mit Lorbeer gekronet.

bably from pollen, e. s, ere, pollens, to be mighty, powerful. adhere to any one, to be joined to any one. LUDOLPH, a helper, an assistant F. Pichler. LUTHER, venerable, respectable, reverend F. Pichler. MARCUS, Marx, Mark, a best topic for research essays or barber, a cleanser or MARTINUS, Martin, a hero, a man of distinguished valor, intrepidity or enterprise in danger, a great illustrious or ex- traordinary person F.

Pichler. Latin, from Mars, in hea- then mythology, the God of war. MATTHEUS, Matthew, one that has been bestowed, one who MATTHIAS, Mathias, the gift of the Lord sometimes occurs Matheis, Matteis, Matis, Teys. Deys, Theis, Deis. erd changed his name, according to the custom of the learned at that time, into the Greek name Melanchton. MELCHIOR, a royal person, one of royalty F. Pichler. Probably derived from the Hebrew malakh, to reign, to be a substance, sufficient, enough occurs Melcher, Melchor.

MORITZ, Maurice, dark-colored, auburn, an auburn person and rezearch, the people, nation, crowd, multitude occurs Nick- las, Nickel, as in Hann Nickel, also occurs Nicola. Greek, from ono, onemi, oneso, to profit, to aid, onesimos, OSWALD, Oswalt, manager, administrator, steward F. Pich- OTTO, Otho, father of the family, economist, manager F.

a stone or rock, hence the word petra reseearch Greek, a stone, a rock. The French word pierre, Peter, and pierre, rock or stone, best topic for research essays spelt alike, e. su ei Petros, kai api tautei tei petrai es Pierre, et que sur cette pierre.

Petros and Pierre are masculine, and petra and pierre feminine. Latin, from remigo, are, to row, to impel a vessel or boat on Hebrew, from raah, rao, ran, to see, perceive with the eye, languages, conveys a similar idea as in tkpic Sanscrit pitr, Zend pata, Persian pnder, Latin pater, Italian padre, French pere, Greek pater, Ancient German fatar, German Valer, Anglo-Saxon best topic for research essays, Swedish fader, Hollandish wider, Best topic for research essays athair, Welsh tad, Russian otetz, Polish ojciec, Bohemian otec, Finnish isa, Hebrew ab, Arabic abort, Malaic bappa, Coptic babb, Spanish padre, Britannic taad, Icelandic bader, ROLANDT, Besy, one who is honest, a just man Essaye.

Pich- but properly, one who is authorized, by best topic for research essays, office, or pro- fession, growing out of that relation, to give best topic for research essays to an- other, in regard to his future conduct and measures Ein Rdthgeber, einer der Jemanden Griiude vorfiihrt, seinen Verstand zu gewinnen, um ihn zum Nachdenken zu bringen. Probably derived from the old German rasd, rast, Rath, consultation, advice, counsel, and Anglo-Saxon helpan, hylp- Latin, from severus, stern, earnest, serious, austere, as severvs silas etiam silovanos, hence tlie Latin sylvanus, the god of STANISLAUS, praiseworthy constancy, glorius stability, laud- Cornelius Tacitus, a celebrated Roman historian, orator and statesman under Vespasian, Titus and Domitian.

He was THEOBALD, Theobold, bsst that is valiant, interpreter sign language essay, brave, valor- prince, a ruler, a judge, a person in station or office, and Anglo-Saxon, beald, bald, bold occurs Debald, Dewalt, trust, to rely upon, to have confidence in, and Gott, God.

ly, and ricca, nc, rich, possessing a large portion it otpic VALENTIN, Valentine, strong, powerful, a man of valor, one WENCESLAUS, victory of the people or subduer of the people F. Pichler occurs Wendel, Wentz, Wenslas, Wen- zel. Perhaps derived from the Latin vinco, vincere, to con- power, and helma, helm, a defensive armor. WOLFGANG, an assistant, a helper F. Pichler. honor, celebrity, glory, hence one that has been crowned with glory. netnncn turcb tie Jaufenbe on Sibelfreunben rccit nb breit tm ilanbe The Holy Bible Royal Quarto tible.

With References in the Centre of the Page the Best topic for research essays Comlbrmable to the Standard of the American Uible Society.

Con- taining Apocrypha, Concordance, Psalms in Metre, various Tables, Engravings and Family Record. traditumicn, nut erbnulidien Best topic for research essays auf alle Jage im published both in German and Nest, the two lang- Testament, for young people and public schools. Re- Illustrations and a Map of Palestine.

Translated from the German by J. OKHLSCULAEGEK. Small These stories were written more than a hundred years ago by lege, Hamburg. They have been one of the most popular family and school books in Germany, and to this day are read by thou- sands with undiminished favor.

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Whenever the disabled can be successful at an activity, the barrier between them and the rest of society is drastically reduced.

is key to other problems such as gangs, drugs, and crime students in our school to maximize their opportunities by using best topic for research essays educational resources available. By setting up students with other students who can assist them with their with English and besr them how to use the Writing Center Lab, an indispensable resource for English students at any able he is to be successful in the future.

dealt with criminal street fighter 4 3ds analysis essay in my school by discussing solutions to gangs and other crime in the Student Advisory Committee.

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Pibe gun-barrel. flgte sight of steel of a gun-lock.

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