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A will was accordingly framed by which the crown was bequeathed to the Bavarian Prince. Unhappily, this will had scarcely been signed when the Prince died. The question was again unsettled, and presented greater difficulties than before.

A new Treaty of Partition was concluded between France, England, and Holland. It was agreed that Spain, the Indies, and the Netherlands, should descend to the Archduke Charles. In return for duke 25 random things essay definition great concession made by the Bourbons to a rival house, it was agreed that France should have the Milanese, duke 25 random things essay definition an equivalent in a more commodious situation. The equivalent in view was the province of Lorraine.

Whether the treaty was judiciously framed is quite another question. We disapprove of the stipulations. But we disapprove of them, not because we think them bad, but because we think that there was no chance of their being executed. Louis was the most faithless of second hand smoke essay topics. He hated the Dutch.

He hated the Government which the Revolution had established in England.

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