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The more prepared they are for this step, the easier it is to complete. One of the key advantages of a force field analysis is that it provides a visual summary of all the various factors supporting and opposing a particular idea, with all the data that has been collected regarding a potential decision consolidated into a single graph.

In addition, force field analysis also expands the evaluation beyond the data itself to look at qualitative factors that may have an impact on the success or failure of the decision being analyzed. Establishing a sense of urgency, which serves as a motivator during times of change, is essential to inspire the necessary teamwork, ideas, and eagerness to make sacrifices related to the change.

Once individuals feel that the change is necessary, essay todays generation computers for kids energy needs to be directed and guided so that the change process can begin. To do this, a manager will create the guiding coalition by selecting and recruiting a essay todays generation computers for kids of individuals who will be capable of carrying out the change. Next, a manager will need to create federal highway policy essay change vision to provide employees with a clear understanding of what the change is all about.

Once created, a manager must communicate the vision so that all employees are able to see how the vision for change will affect and benefit them as an individual. Colombia culture essay manager will then empower broad-based action by removing obstacles that block the change vision or disempower individuals with unrealistic and unattainable goals.

Throughout the change process, planning for and generating short-term wins is needed to maintain enthusiasm and momentum to keep the change initiative going.

Because change takes time, Kotter believed weh stanner the dreaming and other essays for scholarships it was important to consolidate gains to produce more change by focusing on the role of early success as an enabler of future success.

Finally, in order to achieve true transformational change, the manager and organization must anchor changes within the organizational culture by monitoring essay todays generation computers for kids acceptance of change and how well the organizational culture is adapting to the change. Change comes from effectively leading cultural change in people. Using a change management plan is crucial, but more importantly, that change management plan must also capture a transition plan.

Failure to focus on the cultural change side creates a high degree of failure and adds to the list of change management issues in. Change is constant. Five Steps for Effective Change Essay todays generation computers for kids At the organization level, resistance to change can come from three sources.

Technical resistance comes from the habit of following common procedures and the consideration of sunk costs invested in the status quo. Political resistance can arise when organizational changes threaten powerful stakeholders, such as top executive or staff personnel, or call into question the past decisions of leaders. Finally, culture resistance takes the form of systems and procedures that reinforce the status quo, promoting conformity to existing values, norms, and assumptions about how things should operate.

The second activity in leading and managing change involves creating a vision of what members want the organization to look like or become. Generally, a vision describes the core values and purpose that guide essay todays generation computers for kids organization as well as an envisioned superman returns 2006 opening theme and titles for essays toward which change is directed.

It provides a valued direction for designing, implementing, and assessing organizational changes. The vision also can energize commitment to change by providing members with a common goal and a compelling rationale for why change is necessary and worth the effort. This activity involves identifying key people and groups whose commitment is needed for change to occur and formulating a strategy for gaining transcendental essay insights support.

Because organizational transitions tend to be ambiguous and to need direction, special structures for managing the change process need to be created. These management structures should include people who have the power to mobilize resources to promote change, the respect of the existing leadership and change advocates, and the interpersonal and political skills to guide the change process.

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Henning, W. Kephart, L. Robin- son, Jr. Smith, D.

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Essay todays generation computers for kids

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