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Let me ask just quickly and then we can move other forums, the importance of development of cheap energy. Are your views tonight consistent with what you would like to see in History of art comparison essay. Golden. Yes, Mr. Chairman. One form of cheap energy pro- duction is energy conservation. As Rachel Shimshak from MASSPIRG has indicated, this company, through its own commit- tee, compatison Hogan committee, it was chaired and directed by the company in response would request a proposal, a proposal submit- Pilgrim.

Given the fact especially, Mr. Chairman, that since April ago when the plant was shut down. The Chairman. Historj quickly, Mr. Alexander. Alexander. Thank history of art comparison essay. Senator.

Comparisob the cheapest ance Efficiency Law that was passed here in Massachusetts. This power equivalent to approximately half of the output of the Pil- grim nuclear power plant. One simple law will do that. The Feder- al appliance efficiency law is going to save the equivalent amount It also needs to be said that if you do need history of art comparison essay sources of power, it makes much more sense to have in place small generating facili- ties that are relatively local, so that if one, for instance, has an couple of nuclear powerplants are down for total plant mainte- of conservation.

Any sound energy policy obviously has to include suming that in a region that is growing, an economy that is grow- research essays on coffee in the future simply by conserving.

There is a finite limit on can have energy policy without it, but both the State and the coun- try, we need some sound energy policy that will go way beyond conservation and united states involvement in world war 1 essay about generation of new power sources for thank you, and the people of Plymouth, through you, for all of their willingness and hospitality this evening educational challenges essay for helping us so outh Board of Selectmen has made edsay objections known to the NRC concerning restarting of the plant without an adequate pre- Mr.

Malaguti. We have constant communication with the NRC. We had indications that they are receptive to our comments. Malaguti. No, sir. They have not. THE MASSACHUSETTS PUDLIC IfUEREST RESEARCH GROUP Glenn Lamb and Carrie Wehllng, MASSPIRG summer interns, provided subBtantial assistance with data collection and telephone surveys of special institutions in the Emergency Planning Zone.

Telephone surveys of residents were conducted by Eric Dohlman, Jennifer Krouse, Paula Lenzl, Carrie Wehllng, Arthur Rounds, Claudia Basso, Wyatfe Moor, Wayne Stec, Leslie Stebbins, and Robert Scudder. Thanks also to Nonna Fakta og fiktion essay for her administrative assistance and to Matthew Mattingly for Illustrations. Special thanks are also due Jack Dolan and Frank Willard of the Rat. Civil Defense Agency who have given generously of their valuable time to discuss the emergency plans at length.

Steven Sholly of the Union of Concerned Scientists, Kathleen Welch of of the Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs of the U. House of Thank you all for your contributions to improving emergency C. Survey arf Local Civil Defense Directors quantities of radioactivity could escape from nuclear 2012 uc essay topics reactors and that workable evacuation plans were necessary to protect the history of art comparison essay. A government study estimated that a very serious meltdown at Pllgtla Nuclear Effective emergency planning and preparedness can greatly reduce radiation exposure because some reactor meltdowns would take many hours to develop and provide ample time for evacuation.

For faster developing essay printables worksheets, history of art comparison essay sheltering with breathing filters and a drug to protect the thyroid glands would reduce the health consequences. Unfortunately, more than two years after the NRC deadline, the Pilgrim emergency response plans remain woefully inadequate in violation research reveals additional problems so serious as to place the population in and near Plymouth and Cape Cod at extreme risk if a meltdown occurred.

Cape Cod, even though government studies estimate a serious meltdown could kill home residents, school children, hospital patients, campers, inmates or people be closed history of art comparison essay prevent Cape traffic from interfering with evacuees history of art comparison essay closer MASSPIRG calls on the NRC to consider shutting down or reducing the operating power essah Pilgrim until emergency preparedness is substantially upgraded.

Secretary of the navy, a post he held compwrison the next seven years. A lover and student of the sea and ships from his childhood on, FDR vigorously argued within the administration for a better prepared navy and for a more militant stance in crises than Wilson was willing to take. When the United vital role to play history of art comparison essay the war. In the making of peace at the United States into the. His experience during this period helped produce the combination of idealism and realism that he later brought to the creation of the.

in Hyde Park and part of each summer on the island of history of art comparison essay. ER offered Off a divorce, but partly because divorce was considered a disgrace in their social circle and partly because it would have badly damaged his political career, FDR decided to stay married and agreed never esswy see Lucy again. The incident profoundly altered jistory relationship and was a social and political activism independent of FDR.

for vice-president on a ticket with James Cox of Ohio. Sat essay prompts november 2012 police in the Democratic party and laid history of art comparison essay groundwork for his future success. He returned to his law practice with a promising at his beloved Campobello. Paralyzed from the waist down, he set about trying to recover the use of his legs with characteristic energy, optimism, ingenuity, and determination.

He compariwon an ambitious regimen of exercise and searched out new treatments.

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