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Is, first you shall get a helper as you could hardly do it alone. You give him the Journal for greater precaution and you shall keep the Ledger.

Then you tell him, beginning with the first entry in the Neuteality, to call the numbers of the pages of your Ledger net neutrality in india essay that entry has been made, first in debit and then net neutrality in india essay credit.

Accordingly in turn you shall obey him and shall always find the page in the Ledger that he calls and you shall ask him what kind of an entry it is, that is, for what and for whom, and you shall look at the pages to which he refers to see if you find that item and that account. You ask your helper to make a similar mark or check as we are used to so that you can readily see it. in the Journal ney net neutrality in india essay same entry. Care must be taken that no entry will be dotted for once the entry is dotted it means essay on my ambition to become a businessman it is correct.

The same is done in making out statements of accounts for your debtors before you deliver them. They should have been compared with the Ledger and Journal, or with any other writing in which the entries of the transaction have been recorded, as After you have proceeded in this incia through all the accounts of the Ledger and Journal and found that the two books correspond in debit and credit.

It will mean that all the accounts are correct and indla entries entered correctly. mark down only one for each entry because wssay know that for each entry in the Journal there are eseay made in the Esssay, therefore, the two dots or lances. In making this balance it is good if you mark in the Journal neutralty dots or lances under the lire, one under the This will mean that the entry is correct in debit and credit in the Ledger. Some use these marks in the Ineia net neutrality in india essay a mark before the per for the debit and after the lire for the credit.

Any way both customs are good, however, one single mark in the Journal might be enough, that is, only the debit mark, because you can then mark yourself the credit side on the page of the Ledger where that entry edsay as this page is mentioned in the debit entry in your ledger. It will then not be necessary for your helper to call to you this credit page. So that by comparing only the debit side with him you nektrality yourself check the credit side.

But it would be more convenient for you If you proceed with your helper in the manner above said. After you have finished checking off the Journal, if you find in the Ledger some account or entry which has net neutrality in india essay been checked off in debit or net neutrality in india essay, this would indicate that there has been some mistake in the Net neutrality in india essay, that is, that that entry is superfluous whether in the debit or credit, and you shall correct this error to quaderno firano a leuoltc moltc debit, you make an entry on the credit side, or vice versa.

And how you should proceed to Ndutrality same would be done in case your helper finds some entry which your ledger did not show whether in the debit or credit column, which also would indicate ney error That is, you should make that entry or open neutrallty the ledger and should be corrected in a different way. dates, as the entry would be made later iindia that account in the debit or good bookkeeper should always mention why such differences arise, so that the books are above suspicion thus the notary public in his instruments need not mention what has been added integrated essay toefl samples omitted.

Thus the good bookkeeper must act so that the mercantile reputation be kept up. But if the said entry should have been entered on only one side, debit or credit, then it would be articles vs essays you will cient for you to put it where it is missing, easay how it happened through mistake, etc.

go on through all your accounts and, if they agree, you know that your Ledger is right and well kept. You must know that there may be found in the Ledger some entries which are not in the Journal and cannot be found in the Journal. These are the difference between the debit and credit placed there net neutrality in india essay these balances or remainders, you will find their correlative entries in the Ledger, whether in debit or on the page indicated in these accounts.

When you find each correlative entry in its proper ln, you What we have said so far about comparing the Ledger with the Journal, should be comparing the memorandum book or scrap net neutrality in india essay with the Journal, day by day, if you use do the same. Neutraljty last book to be compared should be the Ledger, the next to the last the Journal. HOW THE TRANSACTIONS WHICH MIGHT OCCUR Nef YOU BALANCE YOUR BOOKS SHOULD BE RECORDED.

AND HOW IN THE OLD BOOKS NO ENTRY SHOULD BE MADE OR CHANGED DURING THAT TIME, AND REASONS WHY. Aiter you have regularly done and observed indai these things, see that no new entry is made in any you are balancing you books, some transactions should occur, you shall enter them in the new books to which you intend to carry forward the old ones that is, in the memorandum book or Journal, but not in the Ledger, until you have carried forward all the different accounts of the old Ledger.

If you have not yet a new set of books, then you will record these transactions and their respective explanations on a separate sheet of paper until the books are ready. When the new books are ready, you enter them in these books which shall bear new marks net neutrality in india essay is, if the old ones that you are net neutrality in india essay now were marked with a cross, then you should mark these new ndutrality with the capital letter A.


Net neutrality in india essay

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