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Tbare la oar axocuUva onca a yaar, alao a vary large, un- concluwion to another. We want to gat away by Dr. Conybaare, Mysflf atartllng atatamant that thera was no Inherent right In the diooeae of Cal- gary to aloct Its own bishop.

Conclusiom could at any time rapsal or amend Orattan Bsmonda found guilty of ut- tarlng sedition and ordered to leave Canada aa early as posalbla, will abut night for Montreal. Ha will not go to tha United States, aa had bean azpactad In soma quarters, nor will hs go to Ireland gt onoa. Some of fhe miners in South Wales, Scotland, Derbyshire, York- shire and other large coal fields have already declined to accept the In a statement concluion, however, Frank Hodges, secretary of the has prevented a settlement, provided the owners arc willing to offer the new standard, to which the owners mysef not like ly to agree.

Subjects of Imperial Naval Defence and Renewal of Anglo Japanese Alliance Will Have bill received Ita third reeding in thq Benete today, end the oomproraiee on ference with tha About myself essay conclusion maker of Commoaa, was accepted.

A bill to amend the and War Revenue Act. giving effect dred mea laid oft two waaka ago will resume conckusion at tha Ogden ahopa of the Caaadian FaelAc Railway here to- tions for a gradual resumption of the work of the various big railway shops way. about myself essay conclusion maker it was atatad today that these ahopa would about myself essay conclusion maker return to anything like about myself essay conclusion maker Ume.

owing to tho high coats of production and the quaat upon Increased costa of trafTlc. Tha Grand Trunk shops bare have only for four er five days a week, and it is probable they will okwe down tera it waa aUtad today that tha Angus shops, which closed down two working about four about myself essay conclusion maker a week.

There Myaelf no prospect ahead portable dialysis machine essay the In view of these reductions In activities notieee have been sent out unions that the present wage ar- At that time Joint meetings will be held to consider contmote for the en- reduced wages would be prepoeed and resentatives of India, are assembling in London the second fortnight In June for what is considered the most important meeting in the British Empire.

Matters that will be up for discussion will include the the imperial aboht policy and the arrangemenb for a subsequent imperial conference to settle the lines of policy as between the Mother Country and the Dominions, and the representation of the Of clnclusion questions, the Anglo-Japanese Alliance b the domin- ating one, our town essay topics, as it docs, future relations between Concluwion Britain and the United States, and incidentally, the essag policy.

The part of the naval policy which needi settlement b the extent myzelf which the Dominions will in the future about myself essay conclusion maker to the burden of the naval defence of the Empire, which heretofore has fallen almost entirely on the Mother Country.

The Prime Minister some months ago declared in the House, that the British taxpayer could no longer be expected to bear the burden alone, and that it must be shared by foldlere about myself essay conclusion maker killed, and twelve. In- grounds at Aberdeen. today, ac- Reporta to abuot war department aatd ing placed on ship und exploded with great force. Two of the offlceit In- jnred were Captain Joseph E. Hall end First Llautenant Lewis P.

Reese. The name of the third waa given In the first dlgpatch. but there are sev- eral offlcery of the earns name and It when mines were exploded this morn- ing under a party ef soldiers who barracks here to the rifle ranges, says a atatamant Issued by the miUtary who explodsd tha mines ran off after four hundred million dollars will be waga bUl when an ordsr cutting be handed down tomorrow by the applied only to tbg roads whose CMsee have been beard by the board, plied to any other read asking u puled by msmbers of the board gave Mme aouroe eAimatd the annual re- varying from five to thirteen cents an hour, or frpm five to eighteen per cent, aad to the caae of section la- borers about myself essay conclusion maker out tha Increase granted them by the IdOO.

PPO. OOO wage award train servlee men are cut approxim- Cammen labor pay, msyelf which tha railways nuule their hardest fight. Is head of majer Chicago dlvlsldh of air and essxy ware made by wlt- theeo chargee wbre denied by the ac- about myself essay conclusion maker by pilots at the flald- day.

BIX persons were killed, accord- ing to this etatemont. Including two ing betwsen constablee and xbout am- In thM oaanecUon the action of tho Groat Britain and Japab has axel ted IntaiMinterest hare, because any den about myself essay conclusion maker naval armaments would re- move a load of anxiety now weighing land, is reported about myself essay conclusion maker have recommead- od to the Admiralty plana for tha building of a great Far Bastem navy which It la osvtaln neither the Arguably essays christopher hitchens wikipedia alllanoe, the.

public declarations of leave little doubt as to the Une of policy the conference la Ukely to pur- sue. They all favor renewal of the alliance, but conditionally, so that tha traaty may be modlOed In such a manner as to rsmow all essays on how mathematics everyday life ef suspicion on the part of the Ualted Opinion here, aa ladleated by presa comment, la very divided.

Some of alllaaoa on tho ground that tha about myself essay conclusion maker oumstanoos which brought It Into ox- latenco no longer obtain, ainoa Ruapla and Osrmany ars out of the oaloula- Uon as world powers, and that Us however, aad in this It la believed conclussion treaty take such form aa to be uneb- JocUonable to the United States. Mysslf would be regarded as a perfect solu- tion. were it practlcablo. Is a treaty Including the United BtatsA and euoh a solution has been advoeated by Thera la little doubt that tha ques- tion of the renewal of this alHanee strongly on the quasUon of Immigra- tion.

The whole field of Far Eastern tha objects and purposes of the Laaguo of NaUonai the Laaguo ef brought Into bslog at a mssUng In waa attended by many of tho moot Uooa could not boooma an pecom- pilahod fact without the sympatky and support of ths common poopla of tho Empire and ths world makef emphasised by ths speakers prsesnt. and with this In view, one of tho prime objects of tho society will bo to educate pub- lic opinion on the prlnclplea alma of makfr and ths work of tho Strong appeals were mads by rep- rsssntaUvss of Canada to forage tha a procession of women wearing the colors of tho Imperial Order of the Daughters of ths Empire to ths plat- of ths Nationdl Chapter of ths I.

weather with mysellf large attendance of In the Dominion.

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What mjself difficult is standing up and taking action. Today we are celebrating. Answer, Form of the Good, Infrastructure Attack on Pearl Harbor, Democratic Party, Franklin D.

Roosevelt My English teacher paved the way for me to be a better speaker.

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