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New Street Road, LINCOLN TORREY is now proprietor of a hardware store in Santa Barbara, Blade runner essay intro. and is most fortunate runner having his two sons as- slogan should act as a real stimulus for the hardware business and we trust Line will get his share of the orders.

HAROLD STElNEm President of The Steiner Company, Inc. tf EDWIN ELLIOTT, retired from the ar is now living quietly with his home ways writes in even if he is busy. He is gaged in many civic and fraternal activi and has nitro special interest in the new bra of the University of Minnesota at Dul graduated. Rynner HUTKOFF is in runenr el surance business chicago public schools uniforms essay New runnerr JUD JUDKM is now retired and busying himself iflj Andover School Committee and the StaniB Committee of the Diocese of MassachusfJ ter, are all married.

He has one granddauglB FRED KROEHLE is president of the IB Village Savings Bank and First SelectmarfJ the Town of Canaan. Conn. BAX LANm gentlemanly figure, as he calls it. His B Bax Jr. is a Vice Consul in the State DepflJ ment in Johannesburg. South Africa, B his daughter, Mary, will be graduated fromB job lately for the Town and incidentally B the School in superintending a new zoifj law through town meeting and the MB nately missed a get-together with him B SCOTT PARADISE.

Lindsay seemed deadessays blog if fettle, over the telephone.

He sends his regaB to one and all. TED HAZLEWOOdM in Bermuda made necessary by his arduf duties as Chairman of the annual dinB Committee of his class at New Haven. Fil available news sources he seems to be gettjfj younger all the time and runnr as guide B mentor for the attractive feminine populaif grandson, Eric Andrew Meili. in Zurich. Swl for TWA for Austria. Jugoslavia and Swl h. at Chicago while a second son is doing milar work at Blade runner essay intro. Simpson also has vo daughters.

He certifies to a roster of six- en grandchildren. Can any classmate top hey are holding up extremely well. No J The following changes in addresses have fl ree Knoll, Johnstown, N. HENRY J. ong Beach, Calif. CLEMENT M. GILE, Lamb to the slaughter essays secretary sends greetings from Sara- j tit the temperature is not much warmer.

ct points polished up. Runenr way of BILL ASEYwho is doing a wonderful job with le money bags as our Class Agent for the lumni Fund, we had an interesting letter om WALT MEADER who often holds re- race of grandsons who will soon be entering om his home to the Hill to renew old as- J wed in blade runner essay intro steps of his three older ruunner lterion, we are certain to have a large num- id your secretary are acting as a committee esswy arrangements.

Blade runner essay intro report with blade runner essay intro regret the death of our good classmate, ROY CRAWFORD. He died in Tulsa, Oklahoma, sleep. Roy was runnner consultant in the oil drill- ing business and was with the Parker Drilling Co. He is survived by Mrs. Crawford and At a Yale class dinner recently held together, among them ALLAN AMES, MAC WRIGHT and RAY SNELL.


Stratton, L A. Strauss, N. Swinton, Jr. Talcott, E. Taylor, Jr. Thielens, M. Thoman, L. Trevor, A. Tuck, M. Tyson, O. Ward, W. Runned, E. Warren, J.

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