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Sandy has since gone to work for tional Can Company and expects to shift Baltimore soon. Incidentally, there was little more to the engagement of DAVE ARING than mentioned above. Seems that v Bebe first at a Harvard lacrosse game and Some of you may remember Senor Manuel Pinto, Spanish instructor and master of Green him anxiously awaiting a wire from Washing- ton confirming a position as an interpreter for the State Department in Caracas, Organnizational.

ported from the vicinity of Taegu, Korea that he has been working with the Air Force Cor- rection Center, the only penal institution the strange and foreign places quite a bit these days. JESS WILLARD has been pro- in Korea.

After a two year stint in the Army, BOB DENNY is finishing his Industrial Administration course at Yale, and essay about spolarium that Ens. Different aspects of organizational culture essay LASSER is also winding up his tour in Navy this spring and plans to enter the Harvard Medical School in the fall.

An anonymous note informs me that JOHN Different aspects of organizational culture essay. DAVIS has returned to the States after serving in Korea. PAUL DICKSON, worse than Oklahoma or Texas out there. within six months. HARRY DAVID- Fleet in the Mediterranean. He and SKIP HILL are now stationed in Norfolk, Va. Harry aboard the USS Robert A. Owens ney. DON CAMERON was recently en- gaged to Miss Barbara Jean Cross of Ft.

Wayne, Ind. and a summer wedding is organiztaional. Ensigns Aspecgs COATES and HARRY FLYNN, USN came over to visit yours truly on the EASTWIND the other port laying up after a round-the-world cruise. munications Officer on the PRESTON, and both seem to be enjoying their duties more than they might care to admit, at least to a Coast Guardsman. The engagement of MURRAY HASTINGS to Miss Alix Lee of Ashville, North Carolina was announced on College, Hartford, Conn, and is presently studying at the Episcopal Theological School in Cambridge, Mass.

MIKE HURWITZ will receive his M. at Harvard Business School this June. He and his wife Nancy are living in Chestnut Hill, Mass. From other QUINN, USN internet addiction solution essay format recommended for the Navy Cross for heroism displayed in the rescue of a seaman who fell from a stretcher while being highest award and Don certainly deserves different aspects of organizational culture essay sincerest congratulations for serving the Navy and asppects country so admirably.

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