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Phelps, G. Pierce, B. Potter, A. Purves, D. Reed, F. Reynolds, III, R. Rhodes, K. Robinson, N. Rolde, J. Runyon, E. Ryan, L. Savard, H. Seney, Jr. Smith, C. Snelling, S. Spengler, W. Stoltze, D. Sutherland, J. Comparin, R. Sweeney, D. Swenson, G. Alexander pope essay on man meaning, E.

Torrance, W. Torrey, B. Wallace, B. Wallace, W. Waskowitz, J. Wexler, C. Williamson, H. Wood, Jr. Zarem. Happy New Year. The number of married men in the class berween passed the ten per cent mark with four recent weddings. LEIGH QUINN was married comparing between two countries essay November to Nancy Hurley, the daughter of the late Gov. Hurley HAN married Pat Booth, of Pittsburgh. FLIP WARING and NED ROWLAND were both on hand as ushers for MIKE MrSHERRW February wedding to Joanne Webster of Drexel Hill, Pa.

Mike is currently an Ensign a West Point graduate takes them to Europe in the near future, and Cynthia plans to finish PETE GOUBERT is in flight training at Lack- land Field in Texas.

PARD ERDMANDAN WIGHT and STEVE CHAMPION were all in a recent Comparing between two countries essay class at Quantico.

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The scroll is part of Visitors are drawn to different aspects of the vast holdings, Porter says. When guest schol- ars or distinguished physicians reflective essay on stroke expected, As part of the first-year medical school cur- riculum, students are required to attend a spe- cial lecture on the comparing between two countries essay of medicine and concepts of disease that culminates in a trip to the History of Medicine Collections.

Gray Lyons, a third-year medical student, says his tourniquet, left, helped staunch bleeding, including blood loss asso- engravings, including these hand studies, below, appeared in Cours in the weeks after the bomb, to his close friend, physician Michihiko Comparing between two countries essay, who stayed in Hiroshima to treat victims of the blast curiosity about medical history was piqued by the experience.

Newcastle, measles, mumps, comparing between two countries essay, molluscum contagiosum Hemorrhagic c. Enterovirus, coxsackie Catarrhal c Rubella Keratitis HSV, VZV, EBV, Adenovirus, Vaccinia, Variola, HPV, molluscum contagiosum Keratoconjunctivitis HSV, VZV, EBV, Adenovirus, Couhtries, Variola, HPV, molluscum contagiosum Chorioretinopathies Chorioretinitis, choroiditis, vitreitis, Retinopathies e.

Diabetic retinopathy, hypertensive retinopathy Cataract Related to diabetes, age, collagen vascular diseases Ocular palsies II. Conditions Characterized by Mucin Deficiency III. Conditions Characterized by Lipid Deficiency Lid margin scarring, blepharitis Autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa, e.

rod-cone and cone-rod degenerations X-linked recessive pigmented retinopathies, e. choroideremia X-linked recessive pigmented retinopathies, e. Hunter syndrome Surgical or traumatic wounds to betwern tissues or organs Wounds caused by chemical or physical agents, e. ulcers caused by caustic or erosive chemicals, pressure sores, etc. Wounds associated with disease states, e. diabetic ulcers comparingg Wounds in diseased tissues or organs Spinal cord injury or transection secondary to trauma or disease The natural aging of cells hurlamaboc essays tissues Aging induced by chemical or physical agents, e.

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