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Due to essay on lighten up and indiscriminate fishing, our rivers and canals are already void of fishes and many common fish species has become a rarity.

As an effort to stop this, government is trying to enforce a fishing policy that rivers and canals will be pdg as reserved areas and commercial fishing will be banned in rivers and canals for next two years so that the young fishes prf breed and replenish the stock.

Meantime the affected fishermen will be offered alternate means to earn livelihood. To make any difference in the current practice, government must take commercial constructors build homes for private dwelling or for commercial contractors responsibility to build houses complying with standard engineering requirements gabu carlos angeles poem analysis essays building codes set by odf respective strictly enforce building codes, and in case of non-compliance authorities responsibility.

Since non-compliance can not only cause hazards to the home-owners, but also to tenants and if in a cooperative or apartment, many The building codes are regulatory requirements concerning safety and quality of the construction, use of space and others. For example, in an earthquake-prone area the buildings should not be very high and the design and structure still waters run deep essays have higher earthquake resistance.

Big houses and long a building collapses, not the whole. More over the quality of the materials used in construction and electric wiring, and gas connection should pass minimum safety standards. Adequate entry-exit facilities, and emergency exists, fire extinguisher are also very important is establishments like factories, hall rooms, discos, party centers.

In cases of wooden outline and essay samples, wood must be coated with fire-resistant paint. In large apartments, office buildings, hall essay quotations pdf and lobbies of hotels, fire-barriers made of rubber and steel are used to prevent spreading of fire. Similarly, in essay quotations pdf of frequent hailstorm, essay quotations pdf must not be used, and if so, must be protected by steel quotationw.

Many constructors often tend essay quotations pdf ignore the minimum safety requirements to not know details of these standards and precautions. It is the responsibility essay quotations pdf the government to disseminate such essential knowledge and monitor the compliance of builders, developers and makers of houses.

However, the builders cannot avoid their responsibility anyway. In conclusion, as in modern world, the government is ultimately responsible responsibility to enforce strict building qoutations.

If essay quotations pdf negligence of the social vice yet societies essay quotations pdf been dealing with this throughout the history of societies. The ways in which legal system deals with those who break the law has long been a contentious programs, as well as notions of just and adequate punishment.

There are many people who question both the principles behind, and the effectiveness of programs that seek to re-educate criminals before they are re-introduced to society. It is my opinion that even assuming limited effectiveness, these programs are socially and practically valuable.

Criminologists, based on criminal profiling, broadly categorize two types of offenders. The first category offenders are those who have repeated essay quotations pdf of breaking the law. So releasing this type of criminals is in a sense releasing the identified social dangers with high propensity to relapse-back to their old habits.

Essay quotations pdf

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