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Also it is said that the head of the merchant has a hundred eyes, and still they are not sufficient for all he has safety week essay in marathi say or to do.

These things are Trani, Lecce, Bitonto, which are among the first cities of Italy and have the first place in commerce especially the cities of Venice and Florence, wliich adopt rules that respond to any need.

that are awake, not those that sleep. So in the divine functions of the Holy Church they sing that God promised the crown to the watchful ones, and this was the instruction that Virgil gave to Dante as to his Now, my son, it behooves that you quit your laziness, said my master, for he who lies on will safety week essay in marathi on this earth the same trace as the smoke in the air or foam on the water, etc.

and another Work should not seem to you strange, for Mars never granted a victory to those that spent their time resting. And it is also very good to quote that sage safety week essay in marathi said to the lazy man to take the ant as an example and the Apostle Paul says tliat no one will be worthy of the crown except he who shall fight valiantly for it. minuii iter, etc. And to this our Savior exhorts us in the book of St. Matthew, when he says pane piindpaTc rcl pMcntc tractflfo lacinal Tidmo farcmo cot pti.

luna Mtra safety week essay in marathi uero montc oc rutto cl safety week essay in marathi. laltra oirra eojpo vero montc tK borcga. ve ro fe ccndo aleuni vaebffta cioe de la faneta eroridal qcale aneoja ndi renerianni a fparar pe legcre lalfabcro comen dunOcbfrnoWitrolTirrafieanri non dx nnaearta ma doictrencpirano safety week essay in marathi vn gtdJno your Heavenly Father kuowe very well your needs, etc.

an instruction for you to make the Inventory, THREE PRINCIPAL BOOKS OP THE MERCHANT. First, we shall speak of commerce in general and its requirements.

Immediately after the Inventory, use only the last two, that is, the journal and the ledger. We shall speak about the first that is, of the safety week essay in marathi book, and thereafter of the other two, about First of all, we will give the definition of the memorandum their makeup, and how they should be kept.

BY IT AND HOW ENTRIES SHOULD BE MADE IN IT AND BY WHOM. The memorandum book, or, according to others, scrap book or a doll s house drama essay sample, is a book in which the merchant shall put down essay writing what is it his transactions, small or big, as they take place, day by day, hour by hour.

In this book he will put down in detail everything that he sells or buys, and every other transaction without already said in talking essay on shoes the Inventory, so that there safety week essay in marathi no necessity of saying it over again in detail.

what you possess. It is not wise to enter all your personal property and real property in this book. This book is kept on account of volume of business, and in it entries should be made in the absence of the owner by his servants, or his women if there are any, for a big merchant never keeps his assistants idle they are now here, now there, and at times both he and they are out, some at the market place and some attending a fair, leaving perhaps at home only the servants or the women who, perhaps, can barely write.

These latter, cause and effect essay about body image order not to send customers away, must sell, collect or bu.

y, according to the orders left by the boss or safety week essay in marathi, and they, as well as they can, must enter every transaction in this memorandum book, is not as important to transfer army wide normal font for essays standards the various kinds of coin handled as it is with the journal and in order before he transcribes a transaction in the journal.

will see all the transactions, and he may put them in a better safety week essay in marathi if he thinks necessary. Therefore, this book is very necessary to those who have a big business.

It would be too much trouble to put down in a beautiful and orderly way every transaction immediately after it take place, in books whicli are authentic and kepi neat with care.

You must make a mark on the cover of this book, as well as on all the others, so that you can distinguish them when, in the process of the business, the book is filled or has served for a certain period of time and you take another book.

You must take another book when the first one has been used entirely, yet many are accu. stomed in different localities to balance annually these books althoiigli they are not full and they do likewise with the your transaction easily. For this purpose we use the date. Among true Chri-stians there is the good custom to mark their first books with that glorious sign from which every enemy of the spiritual flees and before which all tlie infernal spirits justly tremble that is, the holy cross, by which in our tender years we begin to learn to read.

The books that follow, you may mark in alphabetical order, calling A the. second, and B the third, etc. So tliat we call the first books with the Cross, or Memorandum with Cro. ss, and the second Memorandum A, Journal A, Ledger A. The pages safety week essay in marathi each of these books ought to be marked for several reasons known to the merchant, although many say that this is not necessary for the Journal and Memorandum books. The transactions are entered day by day, one under the other, in such way tliat it may be easy to trace them.

This would be all right if all the transactions of one day would not take more than one page but, as we have seen, for many of the bigger merchants, not one, but several pages have to be used in one day. If some one would wish to do something crooked, he could tear out safety week essay in marathi of the pages and this fraud could not be discovered, as far as the dates are concerned, for the days would Dc li.

modi p li quali tomunamcteficoflunia fra vcro a parte com Jti c parte safety week essay in marathi. o ucro a pic robbe. e pre tcrminc o vcro p afc follow properly one after the other, and yet the fraud may have been committed. Therefore, for this and other reasons, it is always good to number and mark each single page in all the books of the merchants the books kept in the house or kept in the store. OF THE MANNER IN WHICH IN MANY PLACES MERCANTILE BOOKS ARE AUTHENTICATED, WHY AND BY WHOM.

to a certain mercantile officer such as the Consuls in the City of Perosa employ, and to him state that those are the books in which you intend to write down, or somebody else write down for you, all safety week essay in marathi transactions in an orderly way and also state in what kind of money the transactions that is, whether in lire di Picioli, or in lire di Grossi, or in ducats and lire, The good mcrcliant should put down etc.

or in jlorins and denari, or in ounces, tari, grani, denari, etc. these things always on the first page of his book, and if afterwards the handwriting should be done by somebody else than the one stated at the begiiuiing of the book, this should be recorded at the office of the that is, on such and such said officer.

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Although, the guard is not the most responsible, he is more responsible the princess Mary. Some people may say that he is most responsible because he killed the man. That is wrong because he was trained to kill anyone who tried to enter the tower.

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