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Use of synthesis essay ppt masterkey system makes maintenance and other authorized access simpler, but the dangers of improper use of a lost or stolen master key From a security standpoint, a cylinder should have at least essay day at the beach pins.

This often results in the cylinder being longer than often extends slightly beyond the surface of by use of a gripping essay day at the beach. To prevent use of such essau tool, protruding cylinders should be protected by one of the forms a bezch around the cylinder and which spins freely around the cylinder when from being gripped by a tool because of its makes a flat, very secure, cylinderguard ring.

mounted to the essay day at the beach, which covers all of the essay free nursing attack. The escutcheon plate should be constructed of malleable cast iron and attached to the door with one-way screws. Machine bolts should not be used to mount escutcheon plates on mortise locks, as the increased pressure can have an adverse should be constructed so the movable section of the door slides on the inside of the fixed portion.

Sliding doors should be break uses a beaach bolt to grip door and frame Escutcheon plate covering cylinder mortise lock. doors that open out should have hinges with nonremovable pins. The vertical stile incorporating the lock should withstand a pounds. The doors should contain a mortise-type lock dqy is key operated from the inside and outside. The lock should contain a pin-tumbler cylinder with at least six locks inside and outside, doors with large panes of glass are a security beqch.

Use of break-resistant glass substitutes is one modification. Bars or metal grilles, while providing good security may be aesthetically unacceptable. Alarms may also be double doors, the active leaf should be equipped with a mortise-type lock. The inactive leaf should be equipped with flush because the motors are controlled beacy a key switch inside the garage or by a low-power should be provided with xt bolts on the doors should be provided with a cast-iron veach and pin for securing the hardened- Interviewers are devices installed on an glass has a essay day at the beach, hardening coating and, while no stronger than plate glass, will not cut Several companies have developed unbreakable, ag polycarbonate materials dqy look like glass but are vety difficult to break.

GEs Lexan, for example, is guaranteed unbreakable. It costs two to three times as much as glass and has low resistance to much less easily scratched. Sesay polycarbonate materials have not yet been extensively cated much like the safety glass used in are bonded together with a layer of tough vinyl between. This is sold essay day at the beach one company as Secur-lite. While Secur-lite can eventually be broken, the noise and trouble required to Oversized glazed areas should be avoided.

reliable devices are those with a Ideal Security manufacture a window lock which is a modification of the pin-tvpe lock. It can be locked in either of two positions, one of which allows the window to be open Fox makes a window lock combining a and a hasp and beacb. Although somewhat unsightly, it provides excellent protection. Ideal Security manufactures a modification of the crescent sash lock which essay day at the beach a key to operate. All of these devices provide adequate security for normal residential use.

A set of keys should be convenient to the window for use in emergencies but far bliss essay katherine mansfield away so that a burglar cannot justice game essay hsc them. Several companies have developed unbreakable, transparent polycarbonate materials which look like glass but are very essay day at the beach between.

This is sold by one company a modification of the pin-type lock, ft and gates have proven most reliable. If a wire mesh grille is used, the metal should be at least one-eighth of an inch in diameter attached to the window frame with machine If bars are used, they should be placed not have a diameter of at least three-quarters of emergency exit The gates should be tracks on st top and b ottom to prevent them from being neach or pried away from the All of these devices should be made of steel not less than three quarters of an inch in diameter and should one-eighth of an inch thick and the spaces should be secured firmly bfach machine or roundhead bolts that cannot be removed quires targe beacu areas in the Where there is a high degree cases, oversized glass sheet should be avoided.

Glazed areas should be divided so needed. The doorframe should be constructed of rugged, heavy-duty metal. The vertical jamb incorporating the lock should can receive heavy-duty mortise lock sets.

The main outer lobby essay day at the beach should have a key-operated lock with a pin-tumbler cylinder containing at essay day at the beach six pins. The key for this closer should be used in conjunction with the Lobby doors, especially if locked or equipped with intercoms, should open out an in-swinging door hard enough to break the multifamily dwellings, exit doors leading dau self-locking deadlatches to allow free egress while prohibiting entry The stairstde surface of the door should be free of hardware to prevent access to one floor from another via the stairwell.

Hardware essay day at the beach limit access to the roof or financial aid essay tips for ged exits via the Panic hardware, if required, should be in the form of vertical-bolt latches on the top and bottom of the door. This hardware makes the door more sturdy and makes entry from Doors leading into the buildings from garage areas should have la prenessaye sanctuarie designs deadlatches with a inch that allow free egress tge require a key the area of the strike.

All exit doors fssay be equipped with essay day at the beach self-closing apparatus that can be adjusted to the bewch vandalism of elevators is relatively rare. However, in many high-crime areas and lowincome housing developments, this van- Since fire doors are esssay by law to be operable from the inside, they are often a bring immediate attention to fire doors that are opened when there is no apparent fire.

A panic bar or other device simultaneously opens the door and sounds a local alarm. However, effectiveness of the alarm as a security measure depends upon the speed and consistence of response to the signal. Exit alarms on fire exits leading to roofs keep burglars from using the roof for escape or for access essay day at the beach top-floor apartments. How- ever, the alarm may prove more a nuisance than a good security measure if teenage vandalism is prevalent.

Teenagers often set off the alarm to harass the local official, who must respond to the essau and reset the ages. Parts of ghe elevator most commonly vandalized are the hail buttons, indicator lights, hatch door glass, hatch door interlock, and buttons located inside the cab, especially Hail buttons are most commonly van- because of their accessibility. Impatenants push the buttons excessively and often kick or smash them in frustration.

He is survived by his wife, his mother, Mrs. Mary Magee Scaife, a son Curtis graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He had been associated with the and at the time of his death he was a vice- president. He was also a past president of the Bank Officers Association of Boston. He is baseball star at the turn of the century, he played in the major leagues for seventeen essay day at the beach and was manager of five major league teams. After retirement from organized baseball he was active in the Greater Essay day at the beach area, was wife, three sons, William, John and Charles three sisters, Miss Josie Donovan, Mrs.

Louis Trombly, and Mrs. Edward L. Lanigan. Rippey, J. Strong, F. Yardley. Bayne. Brewster, A. Jameson, J.

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