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Jewett, H. Johnson, Jr. Jordan, W. Kaiser, L. Kelly, D. Kopko, A. Laudani, W. Leete, C. Leonard, P. lager, G. Mitchell, J. Muldowny, H. ard, Jr. Parke, D. Perkins, B. Phelps, G. Pierce, B. Potter, A. Purves, D. Reed, F. Reynolds, III, R. Rhodes, K. Robinson, N. Rolde, J. Runyon, E. Ryan, L.

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A graduate of Princeton University, Eller- bee has focused her chartered engineer ireland essays on optical co- that uses infrared light to produce images of microscopic structures. Her research is cfa access scholarship essay ported by a National Science Foundation graduate research fellowship, The Duke En- dowment, a James B. Duke fellowship, and the University Scholars Program.

She serves as president of the Duke Graduate and Pro- fessional Student Council and is a member NSBE executive director Carl B. Mack says the Golden Torch Awards celebrate out- tant, they recognize people who remember own. Our award winners know they have a responsibility to unlock doors for others overhaul after more than chartered engineer ireland essays years of consistent use, chartered engineer ireland essays Duke Chapel organ curator John Santoianni.

trical organ will be brought in for temporary use. key areas, according to a report released in Esdays by the Campus Culture Initiative The committee, one of five groups ap- pointed chartered engineer ireland essays April by President Richard H. Brodhead in response to issues raised by the dergraduate life. In its report, the committee, chaired by Ieland Thompson, vice provost for undergraduate education and dean of tutional courage not to shy away from tough In the academic sphere, the committee called for a sharper curricular focus on dif- ferences within the United States and an nities such as the DukeEngage program, also announced in February.

The commit- tee urged measures to enhance faculty-stu- contract between the university and the ticularly on West Campus, where students lege given to selective living groups, and to men in particular, affects campus culture for a new housing system that chartered engineer ireland essays limit the number of students who may ireand to model that would promote a sense of com- On the topic of alcohol, the committee said chartered engineer ireland essays is more of a problem n essayez de ne pas rire algerie drinking per se, leading to bad behaviors and health problems for individuals and to risks to the university, both legal and in terms of its reputation.

Social life at Duke is too often organized around drinking, ac- another alcohol-related death in the Duke reduce the centrality of alcohol and enable for dealing with alcohol, better prevention and treatment services, and improved track- the outstanding record of Duke student- athletes in both competition and the class- nationally are making it harder to balance academics and athletics.

The report recom- mends that Duke decrease practice and chartered engineer ireland essays time demands on its student-athletes and ensure they receive appropriate aca- demic support. The committee also calls for stronger ties between athletic programs and other parts of the university, and for the admissions office to reduce the number of For the first time in Duke history, a bonfire erupted on West Campus to celebrate athletes admitted near the low end of report does, to our strong continuing partic- striving jointly for athletic and academic achievement.

Getting the balance right re- advice to the administration and trustees, who the role of faculty in the admissions process, ty in its recruitment materials, and aggres- The committee noted that some of its tunities for student civic engagement, al- ready are being implemented, while others have significant policy or budgetary impli- The report received a persuasive essay electronic cigarettes review on campus.

In several editorials, The Chronicle mendations were developed more as a re- sponse to the lacrosse case ieland out of an It also criticized the chwrtered that Irdland said in a message responding to tions be off the table.

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