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Received the Emergency Public Information booklet from Boston Edison, the of the designated reception centers in case of an evacuation, and two-thirds of these few who would follow the emergency plans would go to the Hanover remain shut down if management and safety bad news travels fast essay persist.

Allowing the Pilgrim plant to reopen in light of these results and the serious management and safety problems that persist at the plant would be like giving a drunk the keys to drive home.

Essay on oil and gas conservation and its relevance in daily life in hindi recommends that the Pilgrim We also recommend that Boston Ediston use this unique opportunity to implement the conservation and load managment recommendations of the Hogan report rather than spend more money on this plant.

make the recommendation bad news travels fast essay in the report a part of the Representative Forman spoke about the adequacy of bad news travels fast essay ability of local and State governments to deal with some of the NRC rul- Do you have suggestions of ways in which the NRC should to think about it, you can later make it a part of the record.

OF MAKING AN INVESTIGATION AND STUDY The Pilgrim Nuclear Generating Station has been shut down since The Massachusetts Legislature responded with the establishment of a special joint committee to investigate and study the problems at We recognize that this is not the final work on Pilgrim.

Debate over recommendations are followed will continue. We also recognize that state authority over nuclear power is limited. Thus our recommen- dations should be seen in that light. We do hope, however, that the report will serve as a major reference point as public debate continues and decisions are made.

As Chairmen of bad news travels fast essay committee, our aim was to provide an open forum where all the issues could be reviewed objectively. We have succeeded in our efforts if the report contributes to the enhancement of public safety and public health in the Finally, we wish to thank the committee members bad news travels fast essay their hard work and patience, as well bad news travels fast essay the individuals and agencies identified herein that contributed greatly to this report.

This report has been prepared by Brian J. Prenda, M. Lisa Kaminski, Kevin Considine, Linda Marley and Liicy DeLaney for the Special Committee to investigate and study the Pilgrim Station Nuclear facility The staff of the Special Committee extends its sincere concept essay on beauty to those who so generously contributed their time and expertise to the Supply Plan without reliance on the Pilgrim Plant.

Serious Functional Deficiencies at the Pilgrim After many hours of deliberation over topics such as emergency preparedness and planning, monitoring of radiation and other aspects of nuclear safety, the committee has concluded that many areas bad news travels fast essay public safety need immediate attention and improvement. After reviewing and hearing the testimony of the Department of committee concluded that lack of funding, along with shortfalls in monitoring and emergency preparedness.

The committee, therefore, recommends that the Commonwealth adopt and implement the formation of a Bad news travels fast essay of Nuclear Facility Safety to oversee nuclear generated power production in bad news travels fast essay Commonwealth. The Division of Nuclear Facility Safety shall provide the following The Division of Nuclear Facility Safety shall be a division of the Department of Public Safety and shall be responsible for monitoring the operation and modification of the two nuclear power plants within the Commonwealth.

In addition, it shall be responsible for developing emergency response plans in conjunction with Massachusetts Civil Defense for responding to accidents involving nuclear power plant maintenance of a system for remote monitoring of radioactive discharges from the nuclear power plants, in conjunction and under review of the Massachusetts Radiological Accident Emergency local civil defense personnel responsible for implementation of the MRAEPP.

Enforcement of rules and regulations prescribing standards for in service testing of pressurized systems at nuclear power plants which the Department of Public Safety oversees. The Massachusetts Radiological Accident Emergency Prepared- ness Plan shall establish a program for statewide, integral management procedures in the event of an accident which may occur at a nuclear power reactor site. The primary purpose of the plan is to provide a coordinated response by state and local governmental officials for the protection of the citizens of the Commonwealth.

The plan shall include site specific planning to harvard 2015 essay prompts for romeo the urgency of bad news travels fast essay of resources and personnel. The plan shall pre-assign the duties and responsibilities that would be taken by go ask alice essay conclusion the respondents to a nuclear accident thus enabling actions to be made quickly and The Massachusetts Division of Nuclear Facility Safety and the Massachusetts Civil Defense Agency shall share the primary responsibility for developing the plan with integral component agencies such as the state police and the Emergency Planning Zone personnel must also play a major role in planning.

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