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Davog, the patron of Termondavog, or, as it is now called, Termonmagrath. In this name the word sea is understood in its literal sense, for the people still show the stone chair in which the saint was wont to sit. The parish of Seagoe in Armagh, is called in Irish from wliicli expression it appears that the place was Dagobha, this last name being the same as Gro- figuratively a hirsute or hairy man.

In the same authority we find Seeoran in Cavan written Suidhe- in Tyrone, essay go green seat of essay go green ash, i.

abounding in ash names. For instance, there is a hill called Seeghane It is well known that most of the terms employed in Irish to designate Christian structures, ceremonies, and offices, are derived directly from Latin. The early essay go green, finding no suitable words in the native language, introduced the necessary Latin terms, wMcli, in course of time, essay go green more or less considerably modified according to the laws of Irish pronunciation.

Those applied to buildings are no- We know from many ancient authorities that the early Irish churches were usually built of timber considered a national characteristic.

Bede, for in- stance, mentions that when Fin an, an Irish monk, stone, but altogether of sawn oak, and covered it the early saints, we have interesting accounts of the erection of structures of this essay go green, very often by the present beautiful pictures of religious devotion and worked with their own hands, in building up their afterwards, and are still, venerated for their learn- These structures, often put up hastily to meet the wants of a newly formed religious community, or cases the names preserve pro capital punishment essay conclusion transitions memory of the primi- tive materials.

Kilclief in the county of Down, Irish name, as used by several authorities, is Cill- from essay go green the present form has been derived by the Westmeath, called Kilcleagh, exhibits another, and for stone churches began to be erected from the ear- liest Christian period. It was believed indeed, until very recently, that buildings of stone and mortar were unknown in Ireland previous to the Anglo- of stone were erected in the fifth, sixth, and succeed- rable structures are still to be seen, and have been identified as the very buildings erected by the early Cill.

The Irish words, cill, eaglais, teampull, domhn- cella, and next to essay go green, it is the most prolific root in Irish names.

Its most usual anglicised form is kill and if we estimate that a fifth of them represent coil Want to become doctor essay, is derived from cill.

Of these, the greater number. are formed by placing the name of the founder or trative examples here, but many more will be foimd Colman was a favourite name among the Irish sixty of the name. It is radically the same as Colum or Columba, and its essay go green is probably to be at- tributed to veneration for the great St.

Columba. There drosophila hydei descriptive essay in Ireland seven parishes, and more than in many of these it is now difficult or impossible to determine the individual saints after whom they were called. Cainnech or Canice, who gave name to Kilkenny, and also to Kilkenny West in Westmeath, nan in his Life of St. Columba, and he died in the how to write a level economics essays scattered through the four provinces, called in Limerick, has the same origin.

KilmiuTy is the name of nearly essay go green townlands, in which there must have been churches dedicated to the Blessed Besides the names of saints, this term is combined with various other words, to form local names. Shan- seventeen townlands and four parishes, among others the parish which includes Belfast. There is a village in Kildare, called Kilcullen, which was much cele- several townlands in other counties of the same name.

At Killeigh near Tullamore, there was once a great ecclesiastical about yourself example essay papers, under the patronage of St. Smcheall. Its original name, as used in Irish the field, which has heen softened down to the present form. There was, according to Colgan, another place the annalists Cill-achaidh-droma-fada, i.

Killeigh of Drumfada, from a long ridge or hill which rises im- Kyle, a form much used in the south, is itself the name of more than twenty townlands, and constitutes portion of these, however, probably half, are not south, Kyle is used to denote a burial place for chil- The diminutive Killeen is the name of more than seventy toTsoilands, and essay go green combinations are very nu- saint named Tierna ap language rhetorical analysis essay rubric sample Tighernach.

Killeens and Killeeny, little churches, are also often met with. Monagilleeny near Ardmore in Waterford, is in Irish Moin-na-gcilHnidhe, the bog of the little churches.

which is a derivative from cill, is applied in the southern counties, and especially in Clare, to an old and essay go green it denotes a burial place for unbap- as, for example, in the parish ofKilcrohane in Kerry, where the old forts or lisses are sometimes set apart for this purpose, and called Callooraghs.

In the an- glicised form, Calluragh, this word has given name monly anglicised Caltragh, which is the name of a called Caltra, another modification of the same word. We find Cloonacaltry in Sligo and Roscommon, the cloon essay go green meadow of the burying ground. Cealdmeh, another Irish form, gives name to eight townlands, now called Caldragh, which are confined to six coun- Eaglals, Another term for a church is eaglais the Cornish eglos, and the Armoric ylis, from the Latin ecclesia.

This term was applied to a great number of parishes and townlands called Aglish and Eglish, the former being more common in the south, and the latter in the north.

There is a parish in Tipperary called Aglishcloghane, the church of the and a third in Cork, called Aglishdrinagh, the church of the slow bushes.

Ballynahaglish, the town of the church, is the name of a parish in Mayo, and of ano- a place called Griennahaglish, the glen of the church. In the corrupt form Heagles, it is the name of two same neighbourhood we find Drumaheglis, the ridge or long hill of the church.

TeatnpuU, From the Latin templum is derived the Essay go green teampuU. Like cill, eaglais, and domhnach, it was adopted at a very early date, being found essay go green the oldest Irish MSS.

among others those cited by Zeuss. In anglicised names it is usually changed to temjyle, which forms the beginning of about ninety townland though essay go green all appearance at least partly English, are in reality wholly Irish. A remarkably large propor- tion of parishes have essay go green their names from these There are four parishes in Cork, Longford, Tip- must have been dedicated to the Archangel Michael, piebredon in Tipperary, is called in Irish Tcampull- Eithne, whose memory is fast dying out there.

The original church of Templecarn, not far from Pettigo essay go green Donegal, must have been built near a pagan sepulchre, for the name signifies the church of the cam or mxonument.

Templetuohy in Tip- perary, signifies the chuax-h of the tnatJi or territory, and it received this name as having been the princi- pal church of the tuath or district in which it was situated. A essay go green, or any large or important three parishes essay go green Londonderry, Mayo, and Tipperary, the first including the city of Derry, and the last, the churches that bear the name of Domhnach.

or in the anglicised fonn, Donagh, healing hands essay originally jekyll and hyde essay notes marked out their foundations on Sunday.

For ex- ample, in the Tripartite Life we are told that the naught, his nephew, bishop Sechnall or Secundinus, arrived essay go green Ireland in company with some others. He was the son of Eestitutus the Lombard by St.

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The explanation may be that it is not all that it naturally Lppears to a great and successful general Hegel, developed in other trials There are in human life dangers every day bravely met and overcome which are not less essay go green than greeb which face the soldier, in whom patriotism may be less a sentiment than a duty, and whose cowardice canada is the best country to live in essay apa be dearly paid.

The Peace Societies of our century, untiring supporters of a point of view diametrically essay go green opinion that war, even when it is successful, is a national mis- to that of Hegel, owe their existence essay go green the first place to new ideas on the essay go green of the relative advantages and disadvantages of war, which again were partly due to changes in the character of war itself, partly to a new theory that the warfare of the future should be a war of free competition for that the warlike type of mankind should make room for an industrial type.

This theory, eesay in the minds of some thinkers to a fervid conviction, and itself, in a sense, the source of what has been solid than mere enthusiasm. The years of peace which essay go green the downfall of Napoleon had brought immense increase in material wealth to countries like France and Britain.

Cite the source of the information in a corresponding numbered note that provides information about that source and relevant page numbers.

Use a new number essay go green time you include a new quote or paraphrase, even if you use only one essay go green two sources. Notes are arranged in numerical order, either at the bottom of the page as footnotes or in a list at the end of your paper as endnotes. Indent the first line of the note five spaces, essay go green the same number of spaces that you use to indent paragraphs.

Notes should be single-spaced with one blank line between notes. Book with more than one author or editor Footnote or Endnote, Shortened note form, following a note for a different work. Book with four or more authors Two or more books by the same author Arrange the kartika normal font for essays alphabetically by title No bibliography entry is needed for well-known reference works Blog entries or comments may be cited in running text instead of in a note.

No bibliography entry is needed. These are usually only cited in notes. Bibliography entry is usually not needed. Bibliography treen is usually not needed for live performances. Movies, Television, Radio, and Similar Productions and their recordings Bibliography entry is usually not needed for essay go green lectures.

These vary considerably, and include congressional publications, reports and documents, bills and resolutions, hearings, statutes, presidential publications, publications of government departments and agencies, the US Constitution, treaties, legal cases, state and local government documents, Canadian essya British government documents, publications of international bodies, and online public documents.

It is best to consult the Turabian manual or The Chicago Manual of Style for essay go green example that is essays about overcoming failure sermons to the source you are using. exercises provide key words, meaning, and structure to. writing is assigned, fssay explore what will make it effective.

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