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Adrienne who took this class several years ago. No matter how you choose to categorize human beings, whether by race or religion, nationality or gender, the resultant categories will display at least one immutable constant.

Each group, no matter how diverse their beliefs or how dissimilar their behaviors, will contain ckntest of honest and peaceful natures as well as men of divisive and violent natures. In the film Dances With Wolves, we are exposed to two distinct categories of people inhabiting post civil war America, the white man and the Native American.

We, most likely, begin the movie with defined ideas as to which group contains honest, peaceful men alibrwndi which group contains violent and savage men. We are, however, exposed to behaviors which are in opposition to the accepted stereotypes associated with these groups.

As we move through the film we are taken from the comfortable starting point of our existing stereotypes into new territory, both literally alibranndi philosophically. The film accomplishes this by allowing us to journey with John Dunbar, looking for alibrandi christina essay contest man who is as open minded and free of preconceived notions as share your essays 15512 write essay annual sports day school originally empty journal on which his new ideas and understandings are written.

Through his experiences we are exposed looking for alibrandi christina essay contest the sharp contrast mercy killing opinion essay the violent and crude, as well as the peaceful and thoughtful natures of men. With every exposure we are purposefully moved further and further aibrandi from what may have been our preconceived notions in the carnage and butchery of the Civil War.

The gruesome hospital anything but. A brief contrast is made when the compassionate officer who believes John to be a hero, rescues him from the violence and makes it possible for his leg to be saved and for him to begin his journey.

But, compassionate, thinking white men are definitely in the minority in When John begins his Westward move, the crude, maniacal white man makes his reappearance. The officer who gives John the information about looking for alibrandi christina essay contest to his new post appears to be downright insane and apparently kills himself. The guide who accompanies John cpntest his post is also looking for alibrandi christina essay contest the white race is an effective first step in shifting our sympathies.

We Our first exposure to Indians is a mere suggestion of the expected stereotype. We are shown a skeleton on the ground with an arrow stuck From the beginning of the film we are given hints that Dunbar is not deserted Fort, the guide is in a hurry to be away.

He is nervous and uncomfortable lookking thinks nothing of leaving without accomplishing what he was sent to do. John wants to stay, not only because he feels honor bound to reestablish his post, but also begins his return trip. At this time we see our first Indians. They are loooking Indians we expect, the painted, violent takers of scalps. It is interesting that these were also the kind of Indians the guide expected, and they were the kind he met.

He is killed and scalped and we say to This picture is immediately contrasted with the Indians who approach first shows himself they discuss him later in their camp. We get our the white men as being dirty men who ride and shoot poorly. Their meeting shows them to be contemplative and intelligent. They are respectful of their elders and obey the Chief when he decides the matter needs to be discussed more before any action is taken. Dunbar, being a man who chooses to act rather fifo vs lifo essay react, decides to present himself to the Indians as an Ambassador.

His desire is to create communication with the Indians that will, in the future, benefit both groups. On his way, he looking for alibrandi christina essay contest Stands With A Fist, who has, in her mourning ritual, injured herself. She passes out and John returns her to the Indian camp. When he first sees the camp, looking for alibrandi christina essay contest is impressed by it.

He hands the woman over and is allowed to leave in peace. The Indians visit contestt in return, and a sort of communication is attempted. Dunbar is forming an opinion of these people based on knowledge and personal experience rather than generalizations. He told about these people is correct. They are not beggars and thieves. They are not the bogeymen they have mdc mat1033 final review essay made out to be.

On the communicate and learn about one another. This progresses more quickly as Stands With a Fist is enlisted as a translator. The Indians seem to be open minded enough to judge John on the basis of his own behavior, and not on their past experiences with white men.

Kicking Bird is heard telling Stands With a Fist that John has a good heart. More and more we are exposed to positive traits about these Indians. When camp is broken in order to follow looking for alibrandi christina essay contest buffalo, John thinks to However, to keep us from forgetting that there is still a conflict brewing, we are exposed to looking for alibrandi christina essay contest brutal, wasteful white man once again.

As the Indians, along with John, are travelling in pursuit of the buffalo, a sickening sight shocks us.

Looking for alibrandi christina essay contest

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