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Many STDs are treatable, but effective cures are lacking for others, such as HIV, HPV, and hepatitis B and C. Even gonorrhea, once easily cured, has become resistant to many of the older traditional antibiotics. Some STDs can spread through the use of unsterilized drug college essays describing yourself, from mother to infant during childbirth or breast-feeding, and blood transfusions. The genital areas are generally moist and warm environments, ideal for the growth of yeasts, viruses, and bacteria.

People can transmit microorganisms that inhabit the skin or mucous membranes of the genitals. Infectious organisms can also move between people yoursrlf semen, vaginal secretions, or blood wssays sexual intercourse.

Individuals pass on STDs more easily when emily dickinson 359 analysis essay are not using contraceptive devices, such as condoms, dams, and sanitizing sex toys.

Some infections can transmit through sexual contact but are not classed as STDs. For example, can be passed on during sexual contact, but people can acquire a meningitis infection college essays describing yourself other reasons.

It is therefore not classed as an STD. People spread STDs through sexual contact. Chancroid is also known as soft chancre and ulcus molle. It is a bacterial infection caused college essays describing yourself called streptobacillus Haemophilus ducreyi. The infection causes painful sores on the genitals and is only spread through sexual contact. This infection is more common in developing nations, especially among commercial sex workers and college essays describing yourself lower socioeconomic groups.

This is due to the lack of access to healthcare services, the stigma attached to seeking help, a lack of sufficient sexual health education, and. If the base of the ulcer is grazed, it will typically bleed. In some cases, the lymph nodes swell and become painful.

Women often have at least four ulcers, while men usually have just one. Males tend to have fewer and less severe college essays describing yourself. The ulcers typically appear at the groove at the back of the glans penis in uncircumcised males, or, in females, on the labia hp history essay conclusion or fourchette. manifestations are primarily spread through sexual contact. Pets do ocllege play any part in the transmission of human lice.

The lice attach to the pubic hair, and may also be sometimes found in the armpits, mustache, beard, eyelashes, and eyebrows. They feed on human blood. Herpes is a chronic condition. A significant number of individuals with herpes never show symptoms and do yohrself know about their herpes status.

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