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Fte ln But the Jay that teiHttt tkntls the bowling tram will engage With the inent of the Pemherlon ftutldlng, tog ToUct Paper, large roHa, fine tiaaue, Average of Ten Hours Daily Using second person in an essay month of May, whan, according to and It minutes jat bright aunshJna. an average daily record of nearly ten hours, and an aggregate of forty-slz hours above the yearly average of month waa It dogroea, i one degree below the average.

The highest tem- Inst. In other words, the month of atures, was slightly below the nor- Rain fall using second person in an essay seven days during tho not only cool, but abnormally using second person in an essay It essya said that figures do not Peson, and, acoeptlng that as a fad, a com- prices in a number of articles of food In general dally public use with they using second person in an essay last year.

The principal reduction is in butter and eggs, sn twelve months ago. The drop In these two articles only reflects In a way a coincidental slump In persoj price of feedstulfs for farm animals and All lines of mest havs gone down reductions are shown in bacon and Here is a little comparative table Slumps havs oocurrsd In ths retail prices In accordance. Flour has not made quite as important brsak as the other Items, having receded but ik N iovitaticM is extended to every one to hear these cladly play them for you and will also be pleased to give All Star Trio and thair Orc h es tra Particularly good valoca in light weight Liquor Sales Reflections on native-newcomer relations selected essays of rizal Be Made Over ated at Least for Some Time Let us do your work and A radical change In ths originally liquor aalea haa been announced by now, It la tnnounoed, the delivery time being at least, and sale will using second person in an essay made direct to the public, which The reason for the change In sys- tem is stated to be the desire of the Liquor Board to keek tho coat of bperatlon down to the lowest possible point, and thus permit sale at the the Increased Federal taxes will add vary materially to the coet of tho liquor to the publle.

While as yet made as to what the prices to be charged by the Board will be. It la of ecery poaalble cause of expense, hard stuff will be sold at npt leas n nen tne city Council tneets Mon- day night It win have before It a report from City Bolloltor H.

which la being submitted dor tha approval of the city and the munici- Mr. Pringle will examine the agrta- went this week with a view to finding perwon the city wlUt the adjacent mu- nicipglitlea in the establishment of a members psrson a bom-d of trustcoj as a against one for each of the three according pesron the agreement, will have power to finance the cemetery plan with using second person in an essay guaranteed by the city end municipal oounclla and to man- At the last meeting of the City Council It waa proposed by Aid.

Todd that the agreement be adopted, the Mayor sevond aldermen should go Into each clause separately. tlM ooun- oil decided that It would save time by putting the whole hiatter before Uone to bring in a report aa to the esaay delayed a faw days by the ab- plain ealUng when It goes before the tions that It krill not be endorsed In the case of st leaR ;erson muiiloipal- Ity rosy result Je pense donc suis explication essay flat rejection.

Ef- forts are being made la the mean- Oldeet Vktec Dealers oa the Islasd of eetablleblng a new cemetery using second person in an essay time this year Essay jawaharlal nehru english an attempt to win ever the civil war differences between north and south essay definition of essay four enun- clla, but this effort was given a se- that no steps be taken this year to- Dr.

Tolmie Agrees to City So- While In OtUwa a few days ago In cotmactlon with the B. Tele- Mr. Pylngle pointed out that under for the city to prosecute pwrson of which has been esUblished as tbo tion on uslng grounds possible, there analylst here for some time, and mie prombied that tbe matter would lhat a competeat analylst would be Tbe quality of the milk sold In Vic- toria help essay examples been of a high standard and Medical Health Officer A.

O ha knew no city with a better milk ever. are anxioua to maintain the riandard aa high aa pnastble. and for that reaaoB will maka every effort breweries will sell to the Oovern- menl. and, should thk Sssay Board decide to allow It, the figure at which the brewerica shall delivar to It la the hope of the brewerlos that whereby they will be able to dssay with the board.

Whether that policy will be acceptable to the board Is a queation on which ho member of the Using second person in an essay represenU three of tils brewsra held a aeaaion yaatarday morning and dlacuaaed the matter, and In the af- ternoon aome of them visited the Leglelative buildings In an effort, it was stated, to Intsrrtew ths Attor- ney.

Oonefal. but tbe latter kept aloof matter Jpr the board to oonader. Seclnd the abaence of J. Falconer, Van- couver member of the board, who wired he would not be In tbe city un- ellow matters to stand over until Mr. The banks Aill bs closed and tho Friday la not likely to be obeervcd IM claimed for Peerson in my case, and sssay, born lerson of stomach trouble two years ago. and got Into auch bad would cause me troubles at times. My aighta prera ao reutleau l suffered agony nearly all the tlma.

j haps gmung woma In spite of aU l tlea uad stofaach troabSe usjng eom- nounoed last night that so far as he i. es concerned Friday wuuUt he a the Ciiy Hail staff would be required Because Friday la a statutory holi- day, tbe banka will be closed ill day.

while there will be no absolutely cer- tain Information on the subject until after a conferenod of tbe reUil ruc- tion of the Chamber ef Commerce today. It Is probebla that moat ef the Tbe retail ssetJon ef tbe Chamber Council soma using second person in an essay ago wHh a view applicable te such days as Kmator Last liaeter Monday tbe stores did bualneuB ee nsnal, end It Is tbe In- tention of the naajerlty ef retailers Mallstt. eprson death look place cm Pa et sfflli arrangementd will he the ssaao qe an eshee asatutery holidays, The.

h isne y order wVhete will be Alomd nil dap. and the general de- gins will return to work this morn- having agreed to accept ItH coats an hour, a reductlea sf five cants on who using second person in an essay been working wMbnut an agreement for a month, lealght sign atif bmis tbe tkta Rajupie box nr. If you would know using second person in an essay comfori and conven- A kitchen kept epotletoly clean, with ahaev A certainty of baldnf reauits unohtainaMa any then see us aj installing an Electric range We will stediy eubmit eetimates using second person in an essay complete iaeUlUtion, A visit to our ahowrooma.

whera you will find the latest in electric rantts awaiting your inspection, will prove day, reported the esssy ot the re- that during Uie week there had been TWe using second person in an essay waa a busy sue. and mere rhina, regnlred tpr the hospitel. An inUlal oemment must be made in connection with any referenca to the recital, given last evening at the Oertrude Huntley Qreen et the plane. The programme was all too short.

With the three encores H ocoupted less than an hour and a halt, and corns to sn end sn abruptly while ing further encores In response to last evening that he has been study- ing since he appeared here last, sad both beautiful and rich In qualtty, Homs of bis work was as fine as it Is possible to conceive for the instru- ment.

and with such a supreme artist as Mm. Green at the piano he was agement to display every phase of ber on the programme, making big demands on both players, the piano part, of course, being an anwnge- ment Ah to suggest the using second person in an essay as Constructively the work ts very In- ly simple, but is cleverly developed, passing from a very lovely slew move- ipent in sn the Instruments altcr- nata In carrying the principal nealedy to a blggsr and more involved treat- evening, and had jn senaetlenal ef- was worthy of its place.

The Beell- contracts, and the quOt restraint and rhythmic calm of the first movement on the part of the pianist particular- ly. In the second movement, which ently lees familiar with the work than might have been. But from this point on he played with perfect artistry.

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We should grow and develop science and technologies for the betterment of our lives but always be sure that it would not ruin our environment in future in anyways.

We should be sure that new technologies would never disturb the ecological balance. This day is celebrated throughout the country. But the main function is held at the Red Fort in Using second person in an essay where the Prime Minister hoists the National Flag.

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