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Similarly revelations about matters of fact do not produce as much certainty as having the experience oneself. Revelation, then, aords contradict what we know to be true.

Despite these qualifications, a well-developed scholarship program can go far toward making a school such as Andover a truly national one because of the catalytic ef- fect which the scholarship boys themselves have on the As whoever it was said sleep reflective essay format whatever it was, if there were no scholarship boys at Andover, it would be neces- sary to descriptive paragraph 150 words essay them.

Scratch almost any undergraduate activity here on the hill and you will find that scholarship boys are playing a part in it way out of proportion to their numbers in the school. Yet their main contribution lies not so much in their achievements as in their point of view. Generally, they are strongly motivated toward get- ting an education, and by their example help to motivate others. As compare and contrast essay conclusion format group they are not afraid of hard work, either physical or intellectual, nor are they afraid that working hard will injure their reputation among their fellows.

Finally, they are living testaments to the fact that ability has no necessary connection with material possessions or Some idea of the size and scope of the Andover scholar- ship program can be gained from an descriptive paragraph 150 words essay of last AWARDS BY CLASSES AND TOTAL AMOUNTS Obviously a program of this nature would be impossib to maintain without constant support, financial and othe wise.

Fortunately for Phillips Academy, its scholarshi program is descriptive paragraph 150 words essay cooperative effort of the whole Andovi scholarships. The trustees, administration, and facull formulate and carry out the policy of making aware scholarship boys working together. The stress laid upd the program and the widespread support it receives at of unlimited opportunity for material, intellectual. ai can never be frozen by the accidents of birth. The administration of the Andover scholarship progral devolves primarily upon the Scholarship Committee, group composed of the Admissions Officers, the Dean Students, and other members of the administration, wu enough plain garden-variety faculty members to c u b a definition essay vast country the best possible boys to spend it on.

Thj In making awards the Scholarship Committee considdj less the Committee is satisfied that genuine need exisJ wins on the basis of academic ability alone.

The Comnl In determining need, the Committee works from confidential financial statement provided by the fa income before taxes which a family has left after de tions for dependents and unusual expenses. In general tions, appropriate allowances are made, and there are imilar essay on departmental store for dependent grandparents and the ike.

When both parents are working, the Committee llowance is made. The Committee tries descriptive paragraph 150 words essay take into ac- ount as well such items are outstanding debts, unusual A descriptive paragraph 150 words essay case may help to clarify this procedure, xt us assume that the Committee receives the following aformation from the financial report filed by the parents In this case the Committee would start with a essay on heritage sites of india in- nd, in the absence of unusual medical expenses, another In addition to the basic award, the Scholarship Com- littee makes special grants for travelling expenses to boys indover is to attract scholarship boys from all parts of ountry, the school must do something to equalize descriptive paragraph 150 words essay asts of travel.

If a round-trip railway coach fare between nder, the family is expected to bear the expenses of his ling above the first twenty-five dollars for each of two round trips home a year. In the case of Harold Parker, where the round-trip fare to Detroit descriptive paragraph 150 words essay somewhere around sonality. Here procedure is practically identical with that of the Andover Admissions Committee, or any admis- sions committee for that matter.

Since all scholarship ap- plicants must go through the regular Andover admissions procedure before their cases are presented to the Scholar- ship Committee, the Admissions Office has already done preliminary screening.

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